John Shi, Ph.D.

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Research Scientist

Value-added Food Processing

Current research and/or projects

With good harmonization of the AAFC STB priorities, Dr. Shi’s research has addressed the research priorities of the AAFC: (1) to identify economically viable Canadian agro-food products with health benefitting properties and ascertain their nutritional properties, functional attributes and health benefits; (2) to develop “green” food processing techniques including approaches to improve resource management, to reduce waste and losses during production, processing and distribution, and to enhance by-product utilization; (3) to support the sector in developing cost-effective agro-food processes and to develop high-value novel health and functional food and ingredients that will enhance competitiveness and secure new markets.  (4) to develop eco-friendly process of physical and engineering technology such as electrolyzed water to decontaminate pathogenic bacteria for high safety products without any toxic residue in the final products. (5) to develop innovative “green” value-added food processing technologies for agricultural material and waste.  Some significant research achievements in health-promoting foods ingredient developments such as lycopene-rich carotenoids from tomato skin, health-promoting ingredients from berry pomace(blueberry pomace, grape pomace, cranberry pomace, pumpkin waste), Vitamin E –rich oil from canola seeds. Dr. Shi has made great contributions in formulating health food products with superior quality, high nutritional value and better health-promoting properties that benefited Canadian welfare and wellbeing.  These activities have enhanced the competitiveness of the Canadian food industry and promoted greater economic development, and highlight AAFC in the world. 

Research and/or project statements

  • Canola Science Cluster Project -“Green” extraction of natural antioxidants (vitamin E) from canola seeds by selective supercritical-CO2 process and technology, and functional evaluation of antioxidants-rich oil from novel “green” extraction process. 
  • “Multicore”-microencapsulation of bioactive-rich extract from berry pomace by “green” extraction and complex coacervation technology for high health benefits of functional food ingredients”
  • Eco-friendly “green process and technology of electrolyzed water (E-water) for decontamination of pathogenic bacteria on food material surface (fruits and vegetables)” as part of the Project “Growth/death modelling of significant foodborne microbial threats under different processing and distribution conditions”

Professional activities / interests

  • Development of toxic-chemical-free innovative “green” separation/extraction processes and technology based on supercritical-CO2 fluid, pressurized water fluid and molecular distillation separation processes to produce health-promoting food ingredients
  • Development of innovative “multicore”-microencapsulation technology to protect bioactivity and enhance solubility and bioavailability of health-promoting ingredients
  • Development of innovative eco-friendly “green” process of electrolyzed water for decontamination of pathogen, mycotoxins and pesticide residue from food material surfaces

Education and awards

  • Post-doctoral research fellow at North Dakota State University, USA
  • Ph.D. study at Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain (Food Process Engineering)

International experience and/or work

  • Co-supervisor of Ph.D. students with universities in Brazil and Argentina (South America)

Key publications

  1. Chen, X., Xue, S.J., Shi, J., Kostrzynska, M., Tang, J., Guévremont, E., Villeneuve, S., Mondor, M. (2018). Red cabbage washing with acidic electrolysed water: Effects on microbial quality and physicochemical properties. Food Quality and Safety, [online] 2(4), 229-237.

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Research facility

93 Stone Road West
Guelph, ON N1G 5C9


  •  Adjunct Professor, Department of Engineering, University of Guelph