Jiri Marsalek

Research Scientist - Head, Urban Water Management Section

Current research and/or projects

Contributing to Environment Canada's mandate to ensure water resources and aquatic ecosystems are conserved and protected

  • Total management of the urban water cycle, with emphasis on system sustainability and resilience
  • Sustainable storm water management in support of low impact development and aquatic habitat protection
  • Environmental impacts, control, treatability and treatment of combined sewer overflows (CSOs)
  • Accumulation and transport of road salts in urban drainage systems and snow melting facilities
  • Effectiveness of road salt application practices in reducing environmental impacts

Professional activities / interests

Member of the Program Management Committee of The Canadian Water Network aiming to create a national partnership in innovation that promotes environmentally responsible stewardship and opportunities with respect to Canada's water resources resulting in sustained prosperity and improved quality of life for Canadians

Secretary and former chair of the IAHR (International Association for Hydraulic Engineering and Research) and IWA (International Water Association) Committee on Urban Drainage, a specialist group with more than 700 members worldwide

Leader of the UNESCO's International Hydrological Programme project on urban water cycle processes and interactions

Associate Editor of Urban Water journal and Water Quality Research Journal of Canada

Education and awards

Honorary Doctorate (DrEng, h.c.), Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark, for contributions to scientific and engineering advances in controlling impacts of urbanization on aquatic ecosystems (2008).

Honorary Doctorate (PhD h.c.), Lulea University of Technology, Lulea, Sweden, for contributions to scientific and engineering advances in urban water management (2006)

Environment Canada Citation of Excellence for excellent quality of work on wet-weather pollution science and urban water management in Canada and abroad (2005)


Key publications

Marsalek, J., B. Jimenez-Cisneros, M. Karamouz, P.-A. Malmqvist, J. Goldenfum and B. Chocat. 2008. Urban water cycle processes and interactions. ISBN: 978-92-3-104060-3. Taylor and Francis, Leiden; and UNESCO Publishing, Paris.

Wagner I., J. Marsalek and P. Breil (ed.). 2008. Aquatic habitats in sustainable urban water management: Science, policy and practice. Taylor and Francis, Leiden; and UNESCO Publishing, Paris. ISBN: 978-92-3-104062-7

Chocat B., R. Ashley, J. Marsalek, R. Matos, W. Rauch, W. Schilling and B. Urbonas. 2007. Toward the sustainable management of urban storm water. Indoor and Built Environment. 16(3):273-285.

Crowe, A.S., Q. Rochfort, K. Exall and J. Marsalek. 2007. Controlling urban storm water pollution by constructed wetlands: a Canadian perspective. Int. J. Water. 3(3):214-230.

Marsalek, J., Q. Rochfort and L. Grapentine. 2006. Aquatic habitat issues in urban storm water management: Challenges and potential solutions. Ecohydrology and Hydrobiology. 5(4): 269-279.

Marsalek, J. 2003. Road salts in urban storm water: An emerging issue in storm water management in cold climates. Wat. Sci. Tech. 48(9):61-70.

Research facility

867 Lakeshore Rd.
Burlington, ON L7S 1A1


International Water Association (IWA), Secretary of the Urban Drainage Specialist Group

Urban Water Resources Research Council, Environmental Water Resources Institute, American Society of Civil Engineers

International Association for Hydraulic Engineering and Research, Secretary, Urban Drainage Working Group