Jim Louter

Manager, Biotechnology Section - Conducting environmental risk assessments of organisms that are products of biotechnology

Current research and/or projects

Managing a Section responsible for conducting risk assessments of organisms as required by the Candian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), as part of the New Substances Program

  • directing a modest research program to generate risk relevant information
  • supporting generation of data on survival, persistence and pathogenicity of DSL listed micro-organisms
  • supporting research methods to determine hazard potential of microbial consortia

Professional activities / interests

Managing small group of regulatory scientists to ensure that EC's biotechnology regulatory role under CEPA 1999 is carried out

Plant pathology, plant breeding, risk assessment of environmental release of GM plants and micro-organisms

Co-head of Canada's delegation to the OECD's 'Working Group on Harmonization of Regulatory Oversight in Biotechnology'

Education and awards

Ph.D. Crop Science, University of Guelph, 1991

M.Sc. Environmental Biology, University of Guelph, 1986

B.Sc. Biology, Brock University,1978

Key publications

Louter, J. H. and L. V. Edgington. 1990. Indications of cross-protection of tomato against fusarium crown and root rot disease. Can. J. Plant Pathol. 12:283-288.

Louter, J. H. and D. E. Falk. 1990. Breeding for quantitative resistance to powdery mildew of barley using recurrent selection. (abstr.) Can. J. Plant Pathol. 12:336

Renard, M., J.H. Louter and L.H.Duke. 1993. Oilseed Rape. pp. 147-157 in Traditional Crop Breeding Practices: An Historical Review to Serve as a Baseline for Assessing the Role of Modern Biotechnology. Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), OECD Code: 931993061P1, Paris.