Jean-Philippe Parent

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Research Scientist


Insect Behaviour

Biological Control

Current research and/or projects

Insect vectors and pests are causing major damages and economic losses in vineyards and orchards. With the arrival of emerging diseases, such as grapevine Red Blotch disease, the need to identify potential vectors and methods of control becomes primordial in the management of these diseases. In order to do this, my program focuses on measuring the vectoring abilities of insect species present in and around vineyards. With new invasive pests at our doors, as well as challenges caused by local pests formerly controlled by chemical control, there is a need to improve our integrated pest management by developing both biological and physical control. To achieve this, my program also focuses on the identification of natural enemies present and the measure of their biological control potential, as well as on the development of new physical control methods of pests such as hot water treatment. These newly developed methods will reduce the reliance on chemical control without compromising yield and ease marketability of the products to consumers in Canada and around the world.

Research and/or project statements

  • Innovative technological uses for insect disturbance strategies

  • Development of biological control for agricultural pests

  • Impact of temperature on biological control agent efficiency (aphid parasitoid)

  • Identification and control of vector(s) of Red Blotch virus affecting grapevine

Professional activities / interests

  • Reduction of insect pest populations using biological control agents such as parasitoid wasps

  • Behavioural manipulation to increase biological control agents efficiency and reduce pest insect nuisance

  • Innovative technological uses for insect disturbance strategies

  • Insect movement and dispersal in field environment

  • Work with students and teaching

Education and awards

Ph.D. Biological Sciences, Université de Montréal, 2016

M.Sc. Animal Sciences, Université Laval, 2012

B.Sc. Biology, Université Laval, 2006

International experience and/or work

Collaboration in 2014 with Prof. Takasu from Kyushu University on time perception and learning of parasitoid wasps.

Key publications

  1. Otani, J., Weiss, R., Trudel, S., Giffen, D., Turkington, T.K., Svendsen, E., Parent, JP., Mylnarek, J., Olfert, O., Vankosky, M. 2019. Prairie Pest Monitoring Network Weekly Update e-Bulletin May 30, 2019 edition. 2019 (8): 1-25.

    2019 - View publication details

  2. Abram, P.K., Parent, J.P., Brodeur, J., Boivin, G. (2016). Size-induced phenotypic reaction norms in a parasitoid wasp: An examination of life-history and behavioural traits, 117(3), 620-632.

    2016 - View publication details

Research facility

430 Gouin Boulevard
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J3B 3E6


Adjunct professor at Brock University