Jean-Philippe B. Poirier

Image Jean-Philippe B. Poirier
Research Engineer

My role is to help research, develop and demonstrate innovative energy technologies for the environmental and economic benefit of Canadians.

Current research and/or projects

De-Risking Adoption of Biofuels-based CHP for the North

  • Advance the development of biomass-based combined heat and power systems to reduce Diesel use in northern and remote communities

Ultra Efficient Heating Equipment

  • Demonstrate a meaningful reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of domestic and commercial space and water heating systems

Research and/or project statements

  • Development of a micro-scale organic Rankine cycle co-generation system with biomass boiler
  • Research and development of cold-climate and solar-assisted heat pumps
  • Research and development of performance standards for heat pumps in cold climates

Education and awards

B.A.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, University of Ottawa, 2017

Key publications

Sager, J., Poirier, J., Assessing the performance and cost-competitiveness of a dual-source solar assisted heat pump in cold climates. Published in Cold Climate HVAC & Energy 2021. April 2021.