Jean-Luc Shaw

Physical scientist

Collection, processing and communication of physical oceanographic data within the Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program (AZMP)

Current research and/or projects

My first current projet is a potential evaluation for the American Bank site in the Gulf of St. Lawrence for the study of interaction between internal waves and topography. I am also working on refining understanding of the annual cycle of transport through the Belle Isle Strait by integrating SST, ADCP, and CTD data dating back to 2007.

Research and/or project statements

  • Participation in monitoring of sea-ice in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
  • Observation of internal waves at the American Bank site
  • Climatological study of transport in the Belle Isle Strait via observations 

Professional activities / interests

  • Process automation
  • Processing and visualization of geographical data
  • Processing of acoustic current profiler data (ADCP)
  • Writing scientific communications

Key publications

Secondary publications:

  • Galbraith, P.S., Chassé, J., Shaw, J.-L., Dumas, J., Caverhill, C., Lefaivre, D. and Lafleur, C. 2020. Physical Oceanographic Conditions in the Gulf of St. Lawrence during 2019. DFO Can. Sci. Advis. Sec. Res. Doc. 2020/030. iv + 84 p.
  • Shaw, J.-L., Bourgault, D., Dumont, D., (2019), Hydrodynamique de la baie de Sept-Îles, Thèse M. Sc., Université du Québec à Rimouski, 74 pp.

Research facility

850, route de la Mer
Mont-Joli, QC G5H 3Z4