Jean-Luc Shaw

Physical scientist

Collection, processing and communication of physical oceanographic data within the Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program (AZMP)

Current research and/or projects

My first project is to refine our understanding of the annual cycle of transport through the Belle Isle Strait by integrating SST, ADCP, and CTD data dating back to 2007. My second project is to use ARGO data in the west Atlantic to find out up to what temperature the deep waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence might warm following present trends. Since 2020, I am also an editor for DFO science reports published by Maurice-Lamontagne Institute scientists.

Research and/or project statements

  • Participation in monitoring of sea-ice in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
  • Climatological study of transport in the Belle Isle Strait via observations 
  • Assessing a high temperature bound for deep waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence

Professional activities / interests

  • Process automation
  • Processing and visualization of geographical data
  • Processing of acoustic current profiler data (ADCP)
  • Oceanographic fieldwork
  • Writing scientific communications

Education and awards

  • M. Sc. Oceanography, Université du Québec à Rimouski (ISMER), 2019
  • B. Sc. Physics, University of Montreal, 2016

Key publications

Secondary publications:

  • DFO (Chairperson: P.S. Galbraith; Editors: J.-L. Shaw and P.S. Galbraith). 2020. Proceedings of the zonal peer review of the Twenty-second Annual Meeting of the Atlantic Zone Monitoring Program (AZMP); April 20-21, 2020. DFO Can. Sci. Advis. Sec. Proceed. Ser. 2020/019. 
  • Galbraith, P.S., Chassé, J., Shaw, J.-L., Dumas, J., Caverhill, C., Lefaivre, D. and Lafleur, C. 2020. Physical Oceanographic Conditions in the Gulf of St. Lawrence during 2019. DFO Can. Sci. Advis. Sec. Res. Doc. 2020/030. iv + 84 p.
  • Shaw, J.-L., Bourgault, D., Dumont, D., (2019), Hydrodynamique de la baie de Sept-Îles, Thèse M. Sc., Université du Québec à Rimouski, 74 pp.

Research facility

850, route de la Mer
Mont-Joli, QC G5H 3Z4