Jean-Denis Dutil

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Current research and/or projects

Dr Dutil is a research scientist within the Ocean Science and Environment Directorate at Mont-Joli. He is an expert in the field of ecology, physiology and bioenergetics and is the author or co-author of over one hundred twenty scientific papers related to anadromous, catadromous and marine fishes. He has studied for instance linkages between stock productivity and environmental conditions, particularly oxygen and temperature, in cod during and after stock collapse, with an emphasis on the effects of changes in energetic condition on growth, reproduction, natural mortality, swimming and digestive capacities, and biochemical determinants of growth and swimming performance.

Currently, his research focuses on species at risk in order to identify preferred and critical habitats : relationships between wolffishes, fish communities and habitat descriptors. Until recently, Dr Dutil was the director of CHIF, the Center of expertise on hydropower and its impacts on fish and fish habitat.

Education and awards

Master Degree in Science (Biology), Laval University, 1978

Ph. D. Degree in Science (Zoology), University of Manitoba, 1982

Key publications

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