Jason Vanrobaeys

Senior Land Resource Specialist

Research, development and technology transfer related to water and nutrient management in agricultural watersheds

Current research and/or projects

  • Eastern Prairie Living Lab – Co-developement and evaluation of beneficial management practices for multiple objectives in collaboration with producers and various agri-environmental agenicies
  • Agricultural practices for Lake Winnipeg - Research, development, and transfer of knowledge for sustainable and climate change resilient agricultural management practices to mitigate nutrient runoff from agricultural landscapes in the Lake Winnipeg Basin
  • Riparian buffer design and management – Developing management recommendations and tools for effective buffer planning & implementation - optimizing services/benefits of buffers on agricultural landscapes
  • Vegetative filter strips - Evaluation of the influence of vegetation type and topography on phosphorous retention in vegetative filter strips in the Canadian Prairies
  • Bioreactors - Assessment of bioreactors for nutrient removal efficiency from tile drainage in cold climates

Education and awards

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science

Master of Science in Environment and Geography

Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems

Key publications

Vanrobaeys (2018). Master Thesis. Vegetated Buffer Strip Efficacy for Phosphorus Reduction in a Cold Climate Agricultural Watershed. http://hdl.handle.net/1993/33697

Vanrobaeys et al. (submitted to JEQ in 2018). Seasonal efficacy of vegetated filter strips for phosphorus reduction in surface runoff

Cordeiro et al. (2018). Long-term weather, streamflow, and water chemistry datasets for hydrological modelling applications at the upper La Salle River watershed in Manitoba, Canada

Kieta et al. (2018) Phosphorus dynamics in vegetated filter strips in cold climates: A review. Environ. Rev. doi:10.1139/er-2017-0077

Cordeiro et. al (2017). Simulating cold-region hydrology in an intensively managed agricultural watershed in Manitoba, Canada, using the Cold Region Hydrological Model

Wong et. al (2014). A decision support system approach for identifying pollutant source for optimization of BMP scenario modelling in Lake Winnipeg watersheds


  • Soil and Water Cosnervation Society
  • Canadian Water Resources Association
  • Manitoba Soil Science Society
  • International Red River Board – Water Quality Committee