Jason Duffe

Geomatics Research Lab Manager - Habitat Science

Current research and/or projects

Contributing to Environment Canada’s mandate to ensure wildlife is conserved and protected

  • Environmental niche modelling (birds, Woodland Caribou)
  • Habitat modelling using satellite-based Earth Observation data to address federal habitat conservation issues
  • Development of habitat monitoring protocols using Earth Observation methods and tools
  • Impacts of cormorants on unique island habitats in western Lake Erie

Professional activities / interests

Project manager of Space for Habitat, a partnered multi-year study to develop an Earth Observation system to monitor wildlife habitat in Canada

Integrating geomatics into collaborative research on wildlife and habitats using advanced image analysis, habitat modelling, mobile GIS and space-based monitoring protocols

Integrating mobile GIS technology into compliance monitoring to support federal wildlife legislation including the protection of designated habitat areas and the incidental take of migratory birds during industrial activities

Member, Interdepartmental Land Cover Community of Practice

Member, Science and User team for RADARSAT Constellation mission

Supervise 4th year and graduate students from Carleton University's Geomatics and Landscape Ecology Research Laboratory

Education and awards

M.Sc. (Biology), Carleton University

B.Sc. (Aquatic Ecology), University of Ottawa


Key publications

Duffe, J.A., F. Schmiegelow, M.H. Hebblewhite and I. Thompson. 2009. Predicting potential occurrence of threatened boreal woodland caribou to support species recovery in Canada. Diversity and Distributions. In prep.

Duffe, J.A., C.E. Hebert and A. Simons. 2008. Death by guano: An isotopic evaluation of seabird impacts on unique island forests. Accepted by Waterbirds, Special Issue.

Duffe, J.A. and C.E. Hebert. 2008. Double-crested Cormorants are Linked to Temporal Declines in Carolinian Forest Cover on Lake Erie Islands. Accepted by Waterbirds, Special Issue.

Seed, E. and J. Duffe. A Land Cover Monitoring Initiative For Environment Canada’s Protected Area Network. Proceedings of the Parks for Tomorrow Conference. May 2008. Calgary, AB. In press.

Duffe, J.A, E.D. Seed and B.R. Morehouse. Geospatial Technologies for Wildlife Enforcement in Protected Areas. Proceedings of the Parks for Tomorrow Conference. May 2008. Calgary, AB. In press.

Elliott, K.H., J.A. Duffe, S.L. Lee, P. Mineau and J.E. Elliott. 2006. Foraging ecology of Bald eagles at an urban landfill. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 118(3): 380–390.

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