James Hammond

Forest Entomology Technician

Current research and/or projects

  • Taxonomy, ecology and natural history of forest dwelling Coleoptera, in particular saproxylic Coleoptera (dead wood inhabiting fauna)
  • Design and coordination of biodiversity field studies
  • Management and statistical analysis of data sets
  • Identification, databasing and curation of insect specimens from biodiversity studies
  • Provide advice and technical expertise to various government and NGO’s regarding insect identification, survey techniques, native and non-native pests, and biotic and abiotic factors influencing forest health at various workshops and meetings
  • Supervision of summer students

Education and awards

BSc Specialization in Zoology, 1993 (University of Alberta)

MSc Entomology, 1996 (University of Alberta)

Research facility

5320-122nd Street
Edmonton, AB T6H 3S5



Entomological Society of Alberta

Entomological Society of Canada

Coleopterists Society