Jaime Cesar

Image Jaime Cesar
Research Scientist

Jaime combines molecular, compound-specific, and site-specific stable isotope tools to study organic compounds from petroleum basins and other environ-ments in order to optimize the exploration and production of hydrocarbon resources and perform paleo-environ-mental reconstructions.

Current research and/or projects

- Organic and isotope geochemistry of fossil organic matter from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. 

Professional activities / interests

- Academic writing

- Scientific talks

- Science communication

- International panels and conferences

Education and awards

B.Sc. (Hons.) Geochemistry, Universidad Central de Venezuela, 2012

Ph.D. Organic and isotope geochemistry, Curtin University (Australia), 2018

Emerging Investigators Series awarded. International Association of Geochemistry, 2021

International experience and/or work

Geochemist intern, Petroleos de Venezuela, 2011

Ph.D. Organic and isotope geochemistry, Curtin University (Australia), 2018

Organic chemistry instructor, Curtin University (Australia), 2014-2018

Research collaboration, Caltech, 2016

Research collaboration, University of Lille, 2017

Geoscientist, Discover Geoscience, Australia, 2018. 

Postdoctoral research scientist, University of Calgary, 2019

Key publications

- Cesar, J. (2022). Unconventional Gas Geochemistry—An Emerging Concept after 20 Years of Shale Gas Development? Minerals 12(10), 1188.

- Ardakani, O.H. et al. (2022). Occurrence and preservation of primary organic matter in a hybrid unconventional reservoir: Montney Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. International Journal of Coal Geology 261, 104096. 

- Bizhani, M. et al. (2022). CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery Mechanism in Canadian Bakken Shale. Minerals 12(6), 779. 

- Wood, J.M. et al. (2022). Geochemical evidence for the internal migration of gas condensate in a major unconventional tight petroleum system. Scientific Reports 12(1), 7931.

- Pinet, N. et al. (2022). Exploring the link between organic matter and Carlin-type gold mineralization: new insights from Yukon deposits. Geological Survey of Canada Open File 8895.

- Cesar, J. et al. (2021c). Molecular and stable carbon isotope geochemistry of mud-gas-derived hydrocarbons and its application for the assessment of low-permeability reservoirs from the Montney Formation, Western Canada. Organic Geochemistry, 104328

- Cesar, J. et al. (2021b). A novel isotopic approach to distinguish primary microbial and thermogenic gases in shallow subsurface environments. Applied Geochemistry 131, 105048

- Cesar, J. et al. (2021a). Alternative indicators to assess the distribution characteristics of methane, ethane, and propane derived from petroleum in the Montney Formation, Western Canada. Fuel 294, 120524

- Cesar, J. et al. (2020c). Stable carbon isotope systematics of methane, ethane and propane from low-permeability hydrocarbon reservoirs. Chemical Geology 558, 119907.

- Cesar, J. et al. (2020b). Organic and isotope geochemistry analysis of petroleum condensates from the unconventional portion of the Montney Formation, Western Canada. Fuel 282, 118879.

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- Cesar, J. & Quintero, K. (2013). Method optimisation for the analysis of kerogen by Diffuse-reflectance – Fourier-transform – Infrared spectroscopy. Venezuelan Journal of Earth Sciences 44, 35-37.