Jacqueline Dumas

Current research and/or projects

I am a research assistant for Diane Lavoie in her biogeochemical modelling group.

I am also responsible for thermographs network (PPMT, Programme permanent d emonitorage des températures) in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This network has been measuring coastal sea temperatures for over 20 years. 

Research and/or project statements

Previous work include:  

  1. working as a research assistant for Denis Gilbert, studying both oxygen and sea surface salinity.
  2. various projects that study the thermodynamics of sea ice in the Arctic under a changing climate. These projects were done in collaboration with Greg Flato, Humfrey Melling and/or  Eddy Carmack. 

Professional activities / interests

Regional representative for the UN Decade of Ocean Sciences for Sustainable Development 2021-2030

Education and awards

M.Sc. Earth and Ocean Sciences, University of Victoria, BC

International experience and/or work

  • ​Canadian Centre for Climate Modeling and Analysis (CCCMA), Victoria, BC
  • Institute of Ocean Sciences (IOS), Sidney, BC

Key publications

  1. Dumas, J., Melling, H., and Flato, G., 2006: “Late-summer pack ice in the Canadian Archipelago: Thickness observations for a ship in transit”, Journal of Atmosphere-Ocean, Vol. 45(1), p.57-70
  2. Dumas, J., Carmack, E. and Melling, H., 2005: “Climate Change Impacts on the Beaufort Sea Landfast Ice”, Cold Regions Science and Technology, vol. 42, p.41-51
  3. Dumas, J., Flato, G. and Brown, R., 2005: “Future Projections of Landfast Ice Thickness and Duration in the Canadian Arctic”, Journal of Climate, Vol. 19, No.20, p.5175-5189
  4. Dumas, J., Flato, G. and Weaver, A., 2003: “ The Impact of Varying Atmospheric Forcing on the Thickness of Arctic Multi-Year Sea Ice”, Geophysical Research Letters, vol.30, No.18, pp.1918
  5. Lavoie, D., Lambert, N., Rousseau, S., Dumas, J., et al. 2020: "Projections of future physical and biogeochemical conditions in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, on the Scotian Shelf and in the Gulf of Maine. Canadian Technical Report of Hydrography and Ocean Sciences 334 

Research facility

850, route de la Mer
Mont-Joli, QC G5H 3Z4