Jack Orr

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Current research and/or projects

Jack Orr joined the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in 1981, as a marine mammal management technician in the Central Arctic Region. As part of his work, he conducted stock assessment research on beluga, narwhal and walrus. He has been a research technician in the stock assessment section of Arctic Research Division since 2000.

Jack Orr has worked alongside Pierre Richard over the last 23 years and their focus has been largely on population assessment of Canadian Arctic odontocete cetaceans (belugas and narwhals), including hunter kill biological sampling, population census surveys and studies of movement and habitat use patterns using satellite tracking and time-depth recording. For the past 20 years Jack has been developing and perfecting field techniques related to the capture, handling and tagging of belugas and narwhals.

Research and/or project statements

  • Population Dynamics of Arctic Odontocetes
  • Movements and Spatial Use of Arctic Odontocetes

Education and awards

Wildlife Management(Lethbridge Community College)

International experience and/or work

2000-Present Research Technician, involved in stock assessment of beluga, narwhal populations. Research also on habitat use of same species.

1981-2000Marine Mammal Management Technician, involved in stock assessment of beluga, narwhal and walrus populations.

Key publications