Isaac Wong

Physical Scientist - Manager, Advanced Environment Intelligent Technologies, Water Quality Information Management and Modelling
Environment and Climate Change Canada

Current research and/or projects

Integrating multidisciplinary / multimedia models and watershed tools within decision support systems (both desktops and web-based)

  • Integrated watershed analytical tools
  • Integrated environmental information and decision support systems
  • Integrated assessment models for watershed acidification
  • Expert systems and artificial intelligence modelling
  • Integrated multidisciplinary/multimedia modelling and scenario gaming systems

Professional activities / interests

18 years S&T experience in researching and developing knowledge-based integrated environmental and decision support systems

Co-developed RAISON (Regional Analysis by Intelligent Systems ON computers)

Researching and developing integrated assessment modelling system for watershed acidification to synthesize critical loads and exceedances

Developing multidisciplinary/multimedia modelling and gaming scenario platforms for NAESI's land/water integration project

Education and awards

B.A.Sc. & M.A. Sc (Civil Engineering) University of Waterloo, Waterloo

M. Sc. (Computing & Information Science) University of Guelph, Guelph

DOE Citation of Excellence Award for contributions to the RAISON expert system

Key publications

Wong, I., D. Lam, W.G. Booty, P. Fong, R. Duffield, R. Kent, A. Brady, E. Larivière and D. Andersen. 2002. Design and Development of a Canada-wide Water Quality Data Referencing Network. Presented to the Water Web Consortium at the 5th Water Information Summit, Fort Lauderdale. 8 pages.

El-Shaarawi, Abdel H., J. Lin and I. W. Wong. 2006. River’s Load Estimation, technical report submitted to RésEau, Environment Canada, Burlington ON, 6 pages.

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Wong, I.W., D.C.L. Lam, P. Fong, A.M. Storey and D.A. Swayne. 1995. A neuro-fuzzy system for acidic deposition modelling. Proceedings of the Int. ICSC Symp. On Fuzzy Logic, Zurich, Switzerland. C136-C141.

Wong, I.W., D.K. McNicol, P. Fong, D. Fillman, J. Neysmith and R. Russell. 2003. The WILDSPACE decision support system. Environmental Modelling & Software. 18:521-530.

Wong, I.W., R. Bloom, D.K. McNicol, P. Fong, R. Russell and X. Chen. 2007. Species at risk: Data and knowledge management within the WILDSPACE Decision Support System. Environmental Modelling & Software. 22:423-430.