Herb Herunter

Research Biologist

Coastal development research

Current research and/or projects

Mr. Herunter works with the Fish/Forestry Interaction group as a research biologist. His current focus is on B.C. Interior forestry impacts and Forest Practices Code efficacy. Research activities centre on physical alterations and biological implications of forestry activity to salmonid spawning, incubation, and rearing habitats. Mr. Herunter is a fisheries habitat biologist with experience in both the private and public sectors. He has spent over 10 years in the private sector working with consulting companies (as an associate and partner) on biophysical inventories, pollution and habitat research, contaminated site assessments and audits, and compliance monitoring.

More recently, Mr. Herunter has worked with the Habitat and Enhancement Branch of D.F.O. as a water quality biologist dealing with marine issues such as oil spills, pulp mill dioxins, and ocean disposal applications. Mr. Herunter is a Registered Professional Biologist and a member of the Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists.