Hajo Ribberink, M.A. Sc.

Image Hajo Ribberink
Research Engineer

I am the lead researcher on Transportation Electrification at the CanmetENERGY Research Centre in Ottawa.

Current research and/or projects

​The Transportation Electrification group at CanmetENERGY supports the Government of Canada policies on GHG emission reduction by creating knowledge that will help reduce barriers to the general transformation to a cleaner transportation sector.

Research and/or project statements

  • Techno-economic analysis of electric transportation options
  • Forecasting the need for electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • Optimization of electric vehicle charging infrastructure location planning and utilization
  • Smart charging and Vehicle-to-Grid
  • Pilots of clean transportation alternatives

Professional activities / interests

  • I have exising and previous collaborations with various Government Departments (Transport Canada, Environment and Climate Change Canada, National Resarch Council), industry partners (BC Hydro, MB Hydro, Hydro Ottawa, NB Power, NS Power) and academia (Carleton University).
  • I regularly supervise students

Education and awards

M.A.Sc. in Applied Physics from Delft University in the Netherlands (1991)

International experience and/or work

  • I have represented Canada in the IEA-HEV Task 28 (Home Grids and V2X Technologies)