Guy Tourigny P.Eng.

Image Guy Tourigny
Research Engineer

Research engineer at CanmetENERGY.Ottawa – Natural Resources Canada. Leading the Bioenergy Systems' group efforts on the development of advanced solid biofuels.

Current research and/or projects

My expertise covers a broad range of biomass conversion processes (torrefaction, slow and fast pyrolysis, steam explosion, hydrothermal carbonisation, gasification, catalysis).  My main field of activities is related to the development of advanced solid biofuels for displacing fossil fuels mainly coal for various industrial applications in the power, cement and metallurgical sectors.


Research and/or project statements

Currently the lead for a multi-year research project assessing the commerical potential of advanced solid biofuels in partnership with industry and other government sectors and departments.

Key publications

Contributed to the following publications:

1) Combustion and air emissions from co-firing a wood biomass, a Canadian peat and a Canadian lignite coal in a bubbling fluidised bed combustor.

2) Catalytic gasification of woody biomass in an air-blown fluidized-bed reactor using Canadian limonite iron ore as the bed material.

3) Characterization of Deposited Ash During Co-Firing of White Pine and Lignite in Fluidized Bed Combustor

4) Characterization of deposited ash during co-firing of peat and lignite in a fluidized bed combustor

5) Production of High Quality Cetane Enhancer from Depitched Tall Oil



Research facility

1 Haanel Drive
Ottawa, ON K1A 1M1