Guillaume Marcotte, Ph.D.

Junior scientist - Dispersion modelling source term and chemical accident specialist

Current research and/or projects

I am developing sofware solutions for the estimation of source terms in atmospheric modelling and fate and behaviour modules in oil spill dispersion.

  • Atmospheric dispersion
  • Fire modelling - smoke, heat, plume and gases
  • Aquatic dispersion of oil products
  • Fate, behaviour and weathering of oil products
  • Ice - oil interaction

Professional activities / interests

  • Atmospheric chemistry
  • Water chemistry
  • Pollution
  • Environmental emergencies

Education and awards

B. Sc. Chemistry, Sherbrooke University (Canada), 2008

Ph.D. Chemistry, Sherbrooke University (Canada), 2013

Doctorat, Chimie Physique, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI, France), 2013

EIFFEL excellence award for foreign students, France, 2011-2012

Key publications

Marcotte G., Marchand, P., Pronovost, S., Ayotte, P., Laffon, C. and Parent, P. 2015. Surface-Enhanced Nitrate Photolysis on Ice. Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 110(10): 1996-2005.

Marcotte, G., Ayotte, P., Bendounan, A., Sirotti, F., Laffon, C., Parent, P. 2013. Dissociative adsoprtion of nitric acid at the surface o amorphous solid water revealed by X-ray absorption spectroscopy. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 4(16): 2643-2648.

Marchand, P., Marcotte, G., Ayotte P. 2012. Spectroscopic study of HNO3 dissociation on ice. Journal of Physical Chemistry A. 11(49): 12112-12122.

Parent, P., Lasne, J., Marcotte, G., Laffon C. 2011. HCl adsorption on ice at low temperature: A combined X-ray absorption, photoemission and infrared strudy. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. 13(15): 7142-7148.

Marcotte, G. Ayotte, P. 2011. Strong intermolecular coupling between the HF stretching and H2O bending vibrations in HF:H2O binary amorphous solids: Breakdown of the electrostatic description of the hydrogen bond. Journal of Chemical Physics. 11(13): 114522.

Research facility

2121, route Transcanadienne
Dorval, QC H9P 1J3



Environment and Climate Change Canada