A. Ghosh Bobba

Research Scientist - Study Leader, Environmental modeling of hydrological systems
Environment and Climate Change Canada

Current research and/or projects

 Numerical modeling in subsurface hydrology and groundwater contamination

  • To develop a comprehensive system to quantify subsurface water inputs into a river or coastal zone and other bodies of water
  • Climate change impacts on watersheds, watershed hydrology, groundwater, saltwater intrusion and islands
  • Surface water and groundwater impacts in the watershed due to human activities and agriculture; to quantify subsurface water, nutrients and contamination inputs from watershed to coast \ beach or wetlands
  • Watershed acidification modeling
  • Conference workshop and session organization: 1st (2002) and 2nd (2006) International conference groundwater for sustainable development, India

Professional activities / interests

Research grant, journal paper reviews, NSERC research proposals

Acted as an external examiner for 7 Ph.D. students. Acted as an external evaluator for professors at the University of North Dakota and the University of Hawaii

President of the American Institute of Hydrology (Canadian Chapter)

Professional Hydrogeologist

Education and awards

Ph.D. Lund University, Sweden; M.Sc. Ohio University; B.Sc. Vikram University, India

M.Tech. Ravishankar University (Raipur, India)

United Nations Scholarship in Hydrogeology, 1969-1971

Key publications

Bobba, A.G., B.G. Krishnappan and P.A. Chambers. 2007. The hyporheic zone: Understanding the paradigm, p 208-209. Proceedings of the second IASTED International Conference, Water Resource Management. ACTA Press, Calgary, Alberta.

Bobba, A.G., T.D. Prowse, J.Y. Diiwu and D. Milburn. 2005. Sensitivity of hydrological variables in the Arctic watershed, Coppermine river, NWT, Canada due to hypothetical climate change. Journal of Environmental Hydrology. 13: Paper # 22.

Bobba, A.G., S.M.A. Moin, A.R. Piggott, C.F. Southam and D.W. Brown. 2004. Application of runoff model to Grand River Sub-watershed, Ontario, Canada to study hydrological characteristics due to climate change. Hydrological Sciences and Technology. 20:1-16.

Bobba, A.G. 2002. Numerical modeling of saltwater intrusion due to human activities and sea level change in the Godavari delta, India. Hydrological Sciences Journal. 47(S):S67-S80.

Bobba, A.G., V.P. Singh and L. Bengtsson. 2000. Application of environmental models to different hydrological systems. Journal of Ecological Modeling. 125:15-49.

Bobba, A.G., B. Ventresca, V.P. Singh and L. Bengtsson. 1996. Computer program (SHOCK) to predict acid shocks in watershed using stochastic analysis. Computers and Geosciences. 22:399-408.


Member: American Geophysical Union,Canadian Geophysical Union

Member, International Association for Environmental Hydrology

Fellow: Geological Society of India, Indian Association of Hydrologists