Geneviève Marchand, Ph.D.

Image Geneviève Marchand
Research Scientist

I lead a research program on plant pathology for vegetable crops grown in the greenhouse and other controlled environments.

Current research and/or projects

Developing resistance to Tomato brown rugose fruit virus 

Nunavut Off-Grid Mobile Plant Growth Unit in Gjoa Haven to Support Northern and Inuit-led Agriculture Research 

Development of a modular microclimate monitoring system to monitor the impact of new technologies on greenhouse energy efficiency 

Strategies for the Growth of Healthy Nutrient-Rich Plants for Northern and Remote Communities


Research and/or project statements

My research program aims to investigate new ways to detect, identify, and manage pathogens causing diseases having an economic impact on vegetables grown in greenhouses and controlled environments.

I am also occasionally called upon to participate in research projects on other horticultural crops.


Professional activities / interests

I am a member of the Canadian Phytopathological Society (CPS), where I serve on different committees. I am also the editor for section L, "Vegetables and Special Crops - Diseases" of the "Pest Management Research Report - Insect Pests and Plant Diseases" published annually by the CPS.

Education and awards

Ph.D. in Plant Biology, Université Laval, 2008

Key publications

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