Gaétan Parent

Image Gaétan Parent
Senior Soil Ressource Specialist

Project management and management related to the management of mineral and organic fertilizer resources in forage and field crop production. Adaptation and transfer of knowledge to different agricultural environments.

Current research and/or projects

My work contributes to the Government of Canada's advancement in science through the development and adaptation of mineral and organic fertilization practices for field and forage crops in Canada.

Research and/or project statements

  • On-Farm Evaluation of the Forms and Technologies of Mineral Fertilizers for Forage Crops, Potato and Corn.
  • Development of a slurry dephosphatation technique using magnesium residues and its evaluation in agricultural areas.
  • On-Farm Evaluation of Phosphate Fertilization Requirements for Forage Grasses and Grain Corn.
  • Adaptation of nitrogen requirements for forage grasses in Quebec.
  • On-farm development and evaluation of various techniques to better predict grain nitrogen requirements in Canada.

Professional activities / interests

  • Member of the CRAAQ Chemistry and Soil Fertility Commission.

Education and awards

  • BSc in Agronomy, Laval University, 1992
  • M. Sc. Plant Biology, Laval University, 1994
  • Graduate Diploma (Business Administration), Laval University, 2000
  • MBA (Business Management), Laval University, 2002

Key publications

Published scientific articles

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Parent, G. et R.R. Simard. 2003. Process for the treatment of pig and swine manure and use of manure so treated. U.S. patent application No. 60/429,544.