Francois Breton, M.Sc.

Scientific Evaluator

My role consists of conducting scientific evaluation of the data necessary to approve drugs developed for use by Canadians. 

Professional activities / interests

-drug evaluation



Education and awards

B.Sc. (Hons.) Biochemistry, Concordia University, 2004

M.Sc. Chemistry, University of Waterloo, 2010

Key publications


Tugulea, Anca-Maria, et al. "The influence of precursors and treatment process on the formation of Iodo-THMs in Canadian drinking water" Water Research 130 (2018): 215-223.


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Francois Breton (2009). Development of novel spme coatings and high-throughput automation of sample preparation for pharmaceutical and clinical samples. UWSpace.



Ordre des Chimistes du Quebec (OCQ)