François Boudreault

Geomatics Project Leader - GIS Specialist - Use of geomatics to support the mandates of Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance.

Current research and/or projects

Use Spatial Analyst and Cartography for data processing related to these projects:

  • PestFund, water quality monitoring
  • Canadian aquatic biomonitoring network (CABIN)
  • Clean Air Regulatory Agenda - Mercury (CARA-Hg)
  • Water Quality Status and Trends Monitoring
  • Geospatial data and metadata management

Professional activities / interests

Spatial Analyst

  • ArcGIS
  • Spatial Analyst
  • MapInfo
  • Vertical Mapper

Education and awards

B.Sc. Geography, Sherbrooke University

Research facility

7th Floor, 105 McGill Street
Montréal, QC H2Y 2E7


Member of the workplace health and safety committee at the St. Lawrence Centre