Fiona McLaughlin

Research Scientist

Current research and/or projects

Fiona McLaughlin is a Research Scientist whose research interests include the study of ocean circulation and transport of organochlorine contaminants such as pesticides to high-latitude oceans. She measures concentrations of industrially produced chemicals such as CFCs in the water column to estimate the residence time or age of various water mass layers found within the Arctic Ocean. These ages are used to calculate boundary current speeds in the Arctic Ocean and to predict the residence time of pesticides in the Arctic environment.

In 2002 Fiona, along with colleagues at IOS, FWI and BIO, is starting a three-year joint Western Arctic Climate Study with colleagues from Japan. Fiona McLaughlin joined government service in 1972 and for the past 14 years has worked principally on Arctic Ocean studies. In 1994, she served as a member of the Trans Arctic Ocean expedition; in 1996 as chief scientist of a southern Beaufort Sea expedition; and, in 1997, as chief scientist of a multidisciplinary expedition in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago as part of the SHEBA/JOIS project.

Key publications

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