Evelyne Thiffault

Research Scientist

Current research and/or projects

Analysis and integration of ecological issues into forest biomass harvesting, especially for bioenergy purposes

  • Identification and analysis of the effects of forest biomass harvesting on soil productivity factors
  • Development and validation of indicators of site sensitivity to biomass harvesting
  • Spatialization and mapping of the fertility and sensitivity of forest sites
  • Integration of biomass harvesting ecology issues with forest operations and other silviculture objectives
  • Development of biomass harvesting guidelines

Education and awards

Bachelor’s degree in forest management and environment, Université Laval (2001)

Ph.D. in forest sciences with specialization in forest land ecology, from the same institution (2006), under the supervision of Dr. Alison Munson and the co-supervision of Dr. David Paré (CFS–LFC) and Dr. Nicolas Bélanger (Télé-Université, Université du Québec à Montréal).

Postdoctoral studies at Université du Québec à Montréal (2007–2009) under the supervision of Dr. Christian Messier and Dr. Alain Leduc

Research facility

1055, rue du Peps P. O. Box 3800
Sainte Foy, QC G1V 4C7


Membre de l’Ordre des ingénieurs forestiers du Québec.