Eric Esclamadon

Marine Environment and Emergency Response Instructor

Canadian Coast Guard College

Teach and design pollution response courses to Canadian Coast Guard Officer Cadets as part of the Officer Cadet training program, and to regular Canadian Coast Guard employees as part of continuous learning. These courses includes tactical-level equipment deployment, operational-level response management, strategic-level response management, legal courses and other program support courses like exercise design. These courses are taught both in French and in English.

With the adoption of the Incident Command System (ICS) as the official response management system for the Canadian Coast Guard in 2014, ICS courses started being taught to participants, and training material was updated to reflect this decision.

Current research and/or projects

With the current requests relating to the Ocean Protection Plan, my work currently consist of teaching environmental response to newly hired personnel as well as designing new courses and reviewing existing courses.

Research and/or project statements

Course design:

  • Basics of Oil Spill Response Course (BOSRC 2017);
  • Marine Spill Response Operations Course (MSROC);
  • Pollution Response Officer (PRO) course;
  • Duty Officer course.

Professional activities / interests

  • Marine spill response;
  • Course design;
  • Emergency management;
  • Marine environment.

Education and awards

  • Marine Communication and Traffic Services Officer Training Program, Canadian Coast Guard College;
  • Short program of undergraduate studies in Adult Learning, Télé-Université;
  • B. Sc. in Marine Biology, Université du Québec à Rimouski;
  • M. Sc. in Marine Resources Management (environmental profile), Université du Québec à Rimouski.