Elisabeth Girgis

Image Elisabeth Girgis
Senior Manager, Sustainability, Science and Parliamentary Infrastructure Branch

Key publications

2022 Developing Laboratories Canada’s Environmental Strategy, E. Girgis and K. Milbury, Sustainable Laboratories Canada Conference, Vancouver

National Energy Code for Buildings (2021, 2017, 2015, and 2011) and National Building Code (2015 update, 2021) of Canada, advisor supporting the Standing Committee of Energy Efficiency in Buildings – and related Technical Seminars presented nationally / webcast for National Plumbing Code, National Building Code Part 6 HVAC and energy portions of the Alberta Building

2020 Indigenous Services Canada update on the Asset Management Program Initiative and Role in Self-determination, Assembly of First Nations, Infrastructure and Housing Forum

2018 Energy efficiency measures for net zero energy ready building code, E. Girgis and R. Ullah, eSim, Montreal

2017 Discussion papers – Implementation of Long Term Energy Strategy for the Standing Committees on Energy Efficiency and, Housing and Small Buildings to Canadian Commission on Buildings Fire Codes

2014 Development of a Trade-off Path for HVAC National Energy Code for Buildings 2011 Compliance E. Girgis, M. Parent and P. Tardif, eSim 2014, Ottawa

2012 Stakeholder analysis of MNECB code development - awarded Bromley fellowship in 2015

2010, Wood Combustion in an Overfeed Packed Bed, Including Detailed Measurements within the Bed, Energy and Fuels, E. Girgis and William L. H. Hallett , 2010 24 (3), 1584-1591

2009/10 IRC NRC-CNRC, Building Science Insight 2009/10, Overview of the National and Provincial Energy Codes for Buildings, Ottawa/Montreal/Quebec City

2006, eSim, Commercial Building Incentive Program’s Use of Simulation to Evaluate the design of New Construction Energy Performance, IPBSA-Canada’s Building Performance Simulation Conference, Toronto

2004-2006, Reviewer EE4 Modelling Guide for the Commercial Buildings Incentive Program and Industrial Buildings Incentive Program, Natural Resources Canada