Edward (Ted) Little

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Head, Energy Geoscience Subdivision, GSC-Calgary

As the Energy Gescience Subdivision Head at GSC-Calgary, I have several responsibilities and accountabilities:

1. Work with GSC-Calgary  management to finalize a strategic HR plan for 2018-2023 that addresses organizational and business line priorities, including GNES short term needs.

2. Work with GSC-Calgary management to identify strategic opportunities for program funding. Work jointly with division management and staff to develop a capital list for the next 5 years. Provide advice to director on HR, programming and other issues, and act as division director on request.

3. Work with GSC-Calgary division management to support initiatives aimed at creating and maintaining a healthy and respectful workplace through dialogue, training, and demonstration of values & ethics.

4. Managing EGSD staff: a)Manage performance, promote and monitor training, prepare updated work descriptions as needed, prepare classification reviews as warranted, ensure work assignments are appropriate; b) Advise RES staff with respect to promotion applications; c) Promote Values & Ethics, and workplace well-being; d) Lead staffing actions for subdivision e) Oversee administrative support to subdivision and programs.

5. As Program Manager of the Geoscience for New Energy Supply (GNES) program, effectively manage operations and financial resources associated with this national program. Work with Director to establish new activities for next 5 year cycle. Any and all changes to scope and/or budget are to be documented and approved by the Program Director. Meet with stakeholders and promote the program both internally and externally; where opportunities arise, seek collaboration and funding.

Current research and/or projects


I obtained my Ph.D. in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences from the University of Alberta in 2002 during which time I also served as the Surficial Geologist for the Canada–Nunavut Geoscience Office in Iqaluit, Nunavut. After nearly 4 years at the Iqaluit office, serving both as a research scientist and as the Chief Geologist, I was deployed by NRCan to the Geologic Survey of Canada’s Calgary office in late 2004 where I continued to focus my government research on glacial geology, landscape evolution and ice sheet dynamics as they pertain to the risk reduction of mineral exploration in remote, extensively drift covered Arctic regions. In 2006, I was seconded to the position of Acting Director, GSC-Calgary where I was responsible for the Energy Business Line for NRCan’s Earth Sciences Sector, followed by a year as the Acting Operations Manager of that facility. From 2008–2016, I managed and directed the CanmetENERGY Upgrading Program (formerly NCUT)—the Canadian Federal Government’s premiere research laboratory investigating new technologies that have the potential to reduce the environmental footprint of heavy oil and bitumen conversion into final transportation fuels used by society everyday. In 2017, I accepted a deployment back to the Geological Survey of Canada in Calgary where I currently reside as the Head of the Energy Geoscience Subdivision and the Program Manager for the GSC's national program: Geoscience for New Energy Supply (GNES).

Research and/or project statements

Project Statements: 

  • Providing scientific advice to scientists and senior managers on scientific approaches, including techniques, methods and strategies regarding national programs of research and specific discipline activities. Coordinating related program activities.
  • Monitoring, evaluating and reporting on science program results and impacts on department policies and activities.
  • Maintaining a current level of knowledge of the approaches and developments in the field of energy-sector related science and technology.
  • Liaising with other government departments, national and international agencies to exchange scientific information in energy-sector research and technology transfer, and developing appropriate science partnerships.
  • Communicating with a variety of departmental, governmental and private agencies and science managers through presentations, reports and reviews on science in a specific area of research, and through published science articles.

Professional activities / interests


  • Energy Sustainability.
  • Impact of Energy Sustainability on Society and Policy.
  • Energy Resources
  • Earth Sciences

Education and awards


Ph.D. in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta, 2002.

M.Sc. in Geology, University of Western Ontario, 1995.

H. B.Sc. in Geology/Physical Geography, Brock University, 1993.


Recognition of Contribution Excellence, Natural Resources Canada Innovation & Energy Technology Sector, 2010.

Natural Resources Canada Departmental Achievement Award for oustanding leadership, 2010.

Natural Resources Canada Earth Science Sector Merit Award for outstanding leadership, 2004.

Province of Alberta Dissertation Scholarship, University of Alberta, 2000.

Andrew Stewart Memorial Prize, University of Alberta, 2000.

Key publications

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