Dr. Xianqin Yang

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Research Scientist

I am a research scientist, conducting work in the area of meat safety and preservation.

Current research and/or projects

Since 2007, Dr. Yang’s research has been primarily focusing on reduction of microbiological contamination of meat during the primary production and distribution process, i.e. from slaughtering of animals to steaks on the plate, including identification, tracking and control source of contamination, mechanisms of survival and persistence of E. coli in meat processing environments, effective intervention strategies for controlling enteric pathogens, and shelf-life extension of meat.

Current projects

1. Comparative genetic characterization of E. coli O157:H7 from pigs and cattle, feces and carcasses/Alberta Innovates/2019-2022

2. Exploring the potential of using Carnobacterium maltaromaticum A5 as a bioprotective agent in meat plants to improve the safety and shelf life of meat/Beef Cattle Research Council/2019-2020

3. If E. coli shed by cattle is becoming resistant to antimicrobial interventions in abattoirs, how best to raise the hurdles/Beef Cattle Research Council/ 2018-2022

4. Chlorine resistant Escherichia coli in beef processing facilities: selective pressure for heat resistant pathogens/Alberta Innovates/ 2019-2022.

5. Understanding biofilm community dynamics/Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada/2019-2022

6. Beef Quality Canada's National Beef Quality Audit at Retail and Processing/Beef Cluster/2021-2023

Key publications

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