Dr. W.R. Tyson

Image Tyson, William R.
Scientist Emeritus

Consultations regarding fracture mechanics and materials (steel) specification and selection; research on material properties, especially mechanical (strength, toughness, etc.)

Current research and/or projects


Although it was a fortunate one for me, my career choice was somewhat random. My father was an engineer, and I thought that it would be sensible to follow in his footsteps. As a bit of a masochist, I chose the hardest university course I could find. Engineering Physics was reputed to be such a course, and when I enrolled in it I actually found it to be quite fun. I was particularly inspired by the professor that taught us Physical Metallurgy, to the extent that I decided to go on to graduate studies in that subject. As they say, “the rest is history”. Do I like my job? Perhaps the answer to that can be deduced from the fact that I still come to “work” almost every day although I “retired” five years ago.

Research and/or project statements

Current Research:

  • Fracture control of pipelines.
  • Materials for nuclear reactors.
  • Brittle fracture of steel.
  • Atomistic simulation of fracture.

Professional activities / interests

  • I serve on CSA (Cdn. Standards Assoc.) committees on nuclear materials.
  • I serve on ASTM committees on mechanical testing.
  • I participate in management of the International Congress on Fracture and the Canadian Fracture Research Corporation.
  • I co-supervise a master’s student at Carleton.

Education and awards


  • B.A.Sc. Engineering Physics, University of Toronto, 1961.
  • Ph.D. Metallurgy, University of Cambridge, 1965.


  • Dofasco Award for Materials Engineering (CIM).
  • Canadian Metal Physics Medal.

Key publications

  1. Tyson, W.R., Xu, S., & Duan, D.-M. (2011). Assessment Methodologies for Girth Weld Defects in Pipelines. In G. Bolzon, T. Boukharou, G. Gabetta, M. Elboujdaini, & M. Mellas (Eds.), Integrity of Pipelines Transporting Hydrocarbons (vol.1, pp. 75-89). Springer.
  2. Xu, S., Eagleson, R., Tyson, W.R., & Park, D.-Y. (2011). Crack tunnelling and crack tip opening angle in drop-weight tear test specimens. International Journal of Fracture, 172 (1), 105-112.
  3. Tyson, W.R., Shen, G., Gianetto, J.A., & Park, D.-Y. (2012). Development of a Low-Constraint SE(T) Toughness Test.  Key Engineering Materials, 488-489, 126-129.
  4. Shen, G., Tyson, W.R., Gianetto, J.A., & Liang, J. (2013).  Dimensionless Compliance with Effective Modulus in Crack Length Evaluation for BxB Single Edge Bend Specimens. Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 135(6),  1-8.
  5. Tyson, W.R., Shen, G., Park, D.-Y. Park, & Gianetto, J.A. (2013). Low-Constraint Toughness Testing. Journal of Pipeline Engineering (incorporating The Journal of Pipeline Integrity), 12(3), 157-163.

Research facility

183 Longwood Rd South
Hamilton, ON L8P 0A5