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Research Scientist

Dr. Waqas Tahir is a Research Scientist and Head of the TSE unit, NCAD Lethbridge Laboratory at Canadian Food Inspection Agency/ Government of Canada. Dr. Tahir is also the head of the World Organization for Animal Health’s BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy) reference lab in Canada. Additionally, Dr. Tahir is also an adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. Dr. Tahir’s research focuses on the identification of underlying molecular mechanisms of prion diseases, novel ante-mortem diagnostic biomarkers as well as sensitive detection methods for animal prion diseases.

Current research and/or projects

Dr. Tahir’s research focuses on the identification of underlying molecular mechanisms of prion diseases, novel ante-mortem diagnostic biomarkers as well as sensitive detection methods for animal prion diseases. In his research, Dr. Tahir amalgamates various high throughput approaches ranging from genomics, transcript-omics, differential proteomics and spectral confocal imaging using both in-vitro as well as in-vivo models. Ultimate goal of Dr. Tahir’s research is to develop technologies to promptly diagnose animal prion diseases for designing mitigation strategies in a timely manner to protect public health of Canadians and preserve food chain

Education and awards

PhD (Biology & Psychology)- 2012- 2016

(George August University, Göttingen, Lower saxony, Germany)

MPhil (Molecular Biology & Biotechnology)- 2009- 2011

(Institute of Biochemistry & Biotechnology, UVAS, Lahore, Pakistan)

DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)- 2003- 2008

(University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan)

International experience and/or work

Post- Doctoral Associate- 2017- 2021

(Calgary Prion Research Unit, Faculty of veterinary medicine, University of Calgary (UofC), Alberta, Canada)


Key publications

  1. Thapa S, Marrero Winkens C, Tahir W, Arifin MI, Gilch S, Schatzl HM. Gene-Edited Cell Models to Study Chronic Wasting Disease. Viruses 2022 Mar 15;14(3):609. doi: 10.3390/v14030609.
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  3. Ali T, Hannaoui S, Nemani S, Tahir W, Zemlyankina I, Cherry P, Shim SY, Sim V, Schaetzl HM, Gilch S. Oral administration of repurposed drug targeting Cyp46A1 increases survival times of prion infected mice. Acta Neuropathologica Communications 2021; DOI: 10.1186/s40478-021-01162-1 (IF: 6.27)
  4. Stepanchuk A*, Tahir W*, Nilsson KPR, Schatzl HM, Stys PK. Early detection of prion protein aggregation with a fluorescent pentameric oligothiophene probe using spectral confocal microscopy. Journal of Neurochemistry 2020; DOI: 10.1111/jnc.15148.
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