Dr. Tony Yang

Image Chao (Tony) Yang
Research Biologist
  • soil microbial ecology research
  • plant-soil-microbe systematic ecology research
  • molecular microbial community research
  • functional microbe identification and purification
  • bioinformatic and megagenome analysis

Current research and/or projects

  • Intercropping pea with canola or oat: impact on nitrogen, disease and economics.
  • Enhancing the long-term sustainability of pulse cultivation using system approaches.
  • Pea root diseases control with novel bio-fungicide application.
  • Linking mocrobe based soil health in Canadian agroecosystems




Education and awards

  • Ph.D. Applied Molecular Microbiology, University of Saskatchewan
  • M.Sc. Plant Science (Allelopathy and chemical signallings), A&F University
  • B.Sc. Biotechnology & Bioinformatics, A&F University
  • Nomination of the WAGS/UMI innovation in technology award

Key publications

  1. Yang, C., Hamel, C., Vujanovic, V., Gan, Y.T., and Hanson, K.G. (2009). "Effects of fungicide usage on chickpea rhizospheric bacterial community.", North American Pulse Improvement Association (NAPIA) Biannual Meeting 2009, Fort Collins, CO, USA, October 28-30, 2009, pp. 11.

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