Dr. Suzanne Paradis

Research Geoscientist

Metallogeny; sediment- and volcanic-hosted base-metal deposits

Current research and/or projects


I am a research geoscientist at the Geological Survey of Canada, Pacific Division. I concentrate my research on sediment-hosted and volcanic-hosted base-metal deposits of the Canadian Cordillera and associated oxide deposits, and providing insights into their origin, timing, paleo tectono-stratigraphic setting, and genesis.

Research and/or project statements

Current Research Projects:

  • I am a science co-lead for Geomapping for Energy and Minerals (GEM II), Mackenzie region of interest.
  • I am presently conducting research under the Government of Canada’s Targeted Geoscience Initiative 5. My research focusses on developing Canada’s understanding of and ability to locate sediment- and volcanic-hosted Zn-Pb (±Ag, ±Ba) deposits. Processes that will be investigated within this project include:
    • Documenting the relationships between SEDEX and MVT deposits;
    • Whether associations between sediment-hosted Zn-Pb deposits and magmatism are casual or causal exist; and
    • Identifying key chemical and isotopic characteristics of ore fluids

Professional activities / interests

  • Supervision of B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. students.
  • Public outreach and geoscience education.
  • My research interests give me the opportunity to collaborate and publish with numerous researchers from academia (University of Alberta; Queen’s, University of Victoria; Laval University; University of British Columbia; University of Calgary, Simon Fraser University; Ottawa University; Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II, Italy), governments (BCGS, Yukon, NWT, USGS), and mineral exploration industry.

Education and awards

B.Sc., UQAM, Montreal, 1982

M.Sc., University of Montreal, 1984

PhD, Carleton University, Ontario, 1990

Natural Resources Canada Earth Science Sector Merit award


Key publications

  1. Paradis, S., Keevil, H., Simandl, G.J., and Raudsepp, E. 2015. Carbonate-hosted nonsulphide Zn-Pb mineralization of southern British Columbia, Canada. Mineralium Deposita, v. 50 (8), p. 923-951.
  2. Paradis, S., Simandl, G.J., Keevil, H., and Raudsepp, E. 2015. Carbonate-hosted sulphide and nonsulphide Zn-Pb mineralization of the Quesnel Lake district, British Columbia, Canada. Economic Geology, v. 111, pp. 179-198.
  3. Magnall, J.M., Gleeson, S.A., and Paradis, S. 2015. The importance of siliceous radiolarian-bearing mudstones in the formation of sediment-hosted Zn-Pb ±Ba mineralization in the Selwyn Basin, Yukon, Canada. Economic Geology, v. 110, p. 2139-2146.
  4. Gadd, M., Layton-Matthews, D., Peter, J., and Paradis, S. 2015. The world-class Howard's Pass Zn-Pb SEDEX district, Selwyn basin Yukon. Part 1: Trace element compositions of pyrite record input of hydrothermal, diagenetic and metamorphic fluids to mineralization. Mineralium Deposita, v. 51, p. 319-342
  5. Paradis, S., editor. 2015. Targeted Geoscience Initiative 4: Sediment-hosted Zn-Pb deposits: Processes and implications for exploration. Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 7838, 297 p.