Dr. Steve Grasby

Research Scientist

Inorganic Geochemistry

Natural Resources Canada

Current research and/or projects

Active in the Groundwater Program on assessment of regional aquifers.  He is recognized for his expertise on the biogeochemistry of thermal and mineral springs in Canada.  In addition he has worked for several years in Canada’s High Arctic on chemostratigraphy and regional correlations within the Sverdrup Basin, in addition to work on petroleum potential in the basin.

Professional activities / interests

 Adjunct Professor in the Department of Geoscience, University of Calgary

Education and awards

Ph.D. in aqueous geochemistry from the University of Calgary in 1997.

Key publications

Grasby, S.E., Sanei, H., Beauchamp, B., Chen, Z.  Mercury deposition through the Permo-Triassic Biotic Crisis. Chemical Geology, 351, 209-216.

Grasby, S.E., Proemse, B.C., Beauchamp, B. (2014)  Deep groundwater circulation through the High Arctic cryosphere forms Mars-like gullies. Geology, 42, 651-654.

Proemse, B.C., Grasby, S.E., Wieser, M.E., Mayer, B., and Beauchamp, B. (2013) Molybdenum isotope evidence for oxic marine conditions during the Latest Permian Extinction. Geology, 41, 967-970.

Kniess, J., Grasby, S.E., Beauchamp, B., Schubert, C. (2013) Water mass denitrification during the latest Permian extinction in the Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada. Geology, 41, 167-170.

Grasby, S.E., Smith, R., Bell, T., Forbes, D.L. (2013) Cryogenic brine and mirabilite precipitation formed by marine transgression of high latitude coastal lake basins – Sachs Harbour, western Canadian Arctic. Geochemica Cosmochemica Acta, 110, 13-18.

Grasby, S.E., Beauchamp, B., Embry, A., Sanei, H. (2013) Recurrent Early Triassic anoxia. Geology, 41, 175-178.

Scheidegger, J.M., Bense, V.F., Grasby, S.E. (2012) Transient nature of Arctic spring systems driven by subglacial meltwater. Geophysical Research Letters, 39, L12405.

Grasby, S.E., Chen, Z., and Dewing, K. (2012) Formation Water Geochemistry of the Sverdrup Basin: Implications for Hydrocarbon Development in the High Arctic. Applied Geochemistry, 27, 1623-1632.

Grasby, S.E., Sanei, H., Beauchamp, B.  (2011) Catastrophic dispersion of coal fly ash into oceans during the latest Permian extinction. Nature Geoscience, 4, 104-107.