Dr. Shawna MacKinnon

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Research Scientist, Phytochemist
  • Natural products chemistry: profiling and structure elucidation of secondary metabolities (i.e. carotenoids, glucosinolates, anthocyanins, glycoalkaloids, plant growth hormones, etc.) in terrestrial plants (berries, medicinal plants, vegetables, etc.), marine seaweeds and microalgae.
  • Chemical compositional analysis of fruit, wine (primary and secondary fermentations) and vine buds as it relates to viticulture and enological research.
  • Hydroponic controlled environment agriculture (i.e. containerized hydroponic systems using supplemental lighting)

Current research and/or projects

  • Northern Agriculture: Growth of nutrient-rich plants for northern and remote communities; Inuit-led agriculture in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut
  • The study of vine performance and how it effects wine quality and chemistry
  • Lace plant anthocyanins: their role in window formation and anticancer activity
  • Improvement of quality attributes in strawberry, raspberry and blackberry using metabolomic and genomic approaches
  • Carotenoid producing yeast of biotechnological importance

Education and awards

1985       BSc (1st class honors)      University of New Brunswick (Fredericton, NB)

1988       MSc (Pharmacy)               Dalhousie University (Halifax, NS)

1995       PhD (Chemistry)               University of Ottawa (Ottawa, ON)

Key publications


  • Abuzaytoun, R., Budge, S., Truelstrup Hansen, L., MacKinnon, S.. Modification of the Ferrous Oxidation-Xylenol Orange Method for Determination of Peroxide Value in Highly Pigmented Sea Cucumber Viscera Lipid. J. Am. Oil Chem. Soc. 97:509-516 (2020).



  • Steevensz A.J., MacKinnon, S.L., Hankinson, R., Craft, C., Connan, S., Stengel, D.B., Melanson, J.E.. Profiling phlorotannins in brown macroalgae by liquid chromatography – high resolution mass spectrometry. Phytochemical Analysis 23(5): 547-53 (2012).


  • Munday, R. Quilliam, M., LeBlanc, P., Lewis, N., Gallant, P., Sperker, S., Ewart, S., MacKinnon, S.. Investigations into the toxicology of spirolides, a group of marine phycotoxins. Toxins 4(1), 1-14 (2012).


  • Kondo, M., MacKinnon, S.L., Craft, C.C., Matchett, M.D., Hurta, R.A.R., Neto, C.C.. Ursolic acid and its esters: occurrence in cranberries and other Vaccinium fruit and effects on matrix metalloproteinase activity in DU145 prostate tumor cells. J. Sci. Food Agric. 91(5): 789-96 (2011).


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  • Simmons-Boyce, J., Purcell S.L., Nelson, C.M., MacKinnon, S.L.. Dietary Ascophyllum nodosumincreases urinary excretion of tricarboxylic acid cycle intermediates in male Sprague-Dawley rats. J. Nutrition 139(8): 1487-1494 (2009).


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  • Subramanian, S., Ross, N.W., MacKinnon, S.L.. Comparison of the biochemical composition of normal epidermal mucus and extruded slime of hagfish (Myxine glutinosa L.). Fish Shellfish Immunol. 25(5):625-632 (2008).


  • Rayorath, P., Khan, W., Palanisamy, R., MacKinnon, S.L.,Stefanova, R., Hankins, S.D., Critchley, A.T., Prithiviraj, B.. Extracts of the brown seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum induce gibberellic acid (GA3)-independent amylase activity in barley. J. Plant Growth Reg. 27(4): 370-379 (2008).


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Research facility

32 Main Street
Kentville, NS B4N 1J5


  • American Society for Enology and Viticulture
  • Association of Education and Research Greenhouse Curators
  • Test-Site Manager, Minor Use Pesticide Program (2019 – present
  • Grape Growers Association of Nova Scotia