Dr. Sharon Clouthier

Image Clouthier, Sharon
Research scientist

Lead of research and development program investigating aquatic animal viruses and their disease ecology using genomic tools to advance aquatic animal health, recovery of species at risk and control of invasive species.

Current research and/or projects

Dr. Clouthier’s laboratory specializes in the innovation of molecular tools for the study of aquatic viral diseases and in the study of viral disease ecology for aquatic species at risk such as Lake Sturgeon and Northern Dolly Varden and aquatic invasive species such as Common Carp.

Research and/or project statements

  1. Technology development and validation – Her laboratory creates molecular, serological and virological diagnostic tests and validates their performance for detection of aquatic viruses of regulatory concern to Canada.  The tests support diagnostic testing conducted by the National Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory System of Canada’s National Aquatic Animal Health Program.
  2. Virus discovery and characterization – Dr. Clouthier specializes in viral disease ecology of sturgeon.  Her laboratory has discovered new viruses, established the biological causal link between lethal disease epidemics and these viruses, elucidated their taxonomy and evolutionary history and determined their ecology in wild Lake Sturgeon populations of central Canada.  The research provides insight into the impact of viruses on the overall health of this ancient species which is being considered for listing under Canada’s Species at Risk Act.
  3. Health of Dolly Varden in Canada’s western Arctic – Her work in the Arctic focuses on viral diseases of Dolly Varden, a species listed as Special Concern under the Species at Risk Act.  She has expanded this work to include vagrant Pacific salmon which are experiencing changes to their biogeography through climate-driven range expansion into the Canadian Arctic.  She has partnered with DFO, CFIA and ECCC scientists and northern Indigenous groups to test theories regarding the risk of disease transmission from vagrant salmon and the ecology of an existing virus in the region in the context of a changing climate.
  4. Virus diseases of invasive carp in Canada – Dr. Clouthier collaborated with Ducks Unlimited Canada to study the ecology of CyHV-3 in Manitoba Common Carp, an invasive species that has damaged the Lake Manitoba Delta Marsh ecosystem.  This virus causes a disease that is reportable in Canada and globally.  Her work has established that the virus is endemic in the watershed and that carp themselves act as a reservoir for intergenerational transmission of CyHV-3 in the ecosystem.  The research advances the scientific advice provided by DFO to Canada’s regulatory aquatic animal health science program.

Professional activities / interests

  • National reference laboratory expert for viruses of regulatory concern to Canada’s National Aquatic Animal Health Program including IPNV, CyHV-3, SVCV and sturgeon mimiviruses.

Education and awards

Ph.D., Biochemistry, University of Victoria, 1995

B.Sc., Biochemistry, University of Victoria, 1990

Key publications


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Research facility

501 University Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N6


  1. Centers of Expertise: Center for Aquatic Animal Health Research and Development (CAAHRD)
  2. American Society for Virology
  3. American Fisheries Society – Fish Health Section
  4. North American Sturgeon and Paddlefish Society