Dr. Shao-Meng Li

Senior Research Scientist - Study Leader, Air quality research

Current research and/or projects

Air Quality Process Research, contributing to the SMOG scientific understanding

  • Process research on aerosol particle emissions and transformation in the atmosphere
  • Ambient measurements on ground and from aircraft
  • lab and field studies of kinetics of heterogeneous reactions and secondary organic aerosol formation
  • long term changes in aerosol composition and chemical tracers in prestine, rural, and urban enrivonrments
  • research on carbonaceous aerosols; impacts on agricultural emissions

Professional activities / interests

Serving as a member of the Science Advisory Group for Aerosols, Global Atmospheric Watch Program, World Meteorological Organization

Leads comprehensive air quality research programs in Canada such as Pacific 2001 Air Quality Study and the NAESI Air Theme NH3 Program

Member of Editorial Board, China Enviornmental Sciences

Leads a team of staff scientists, postdoctoral fellow, and student at Environment Canada; Collaborate with university colleages in Canada, US, and Europe; Adjunct Professor at York University

Key publications

Li, S.-M., R. Vet, J. Liggio, E. Chan, P. Makar, R. Staebler, K. Hayden. 2008. Sensitivity of particulate matter to NH3 in major agriculture regions of Canada. Chapter 7, NAESI NH3 Science Assessment Report, Environment Canada.

Cheng, Y., Li, S.-M., Leithead, A. 2006. Chemical characteristics and origins of nitrogen-containing organic compounds in PM2.5 aerosols from the Lower Fraser Valley. Environ. Sci. Tech. 40: 5846-5852.

Liggio, J., and S.-M. Li. 2006. Organosulfate formation during the uptake of pinonaldehyde on acidic sulfate aerosols. Geophys. Res. Let. 33: L13808, doi:10.1029/2006GL026079, 2006.

Cheng, Y., and Li, S.-M. 2005. A non-derivatization analysis method of fatty acids and cis-pinonic acid and its application in ambient PM2.5 aerosols in the Greater Vancouver Area in Canada. Environ. Sci. Tech. 39: 2239-2246.

Liggio, J., Li, S.-M., McLaren, R. 2005. Heterogeneous reactions of glyoxal on particulate matter: identification of acetals and sulfate esters. Environ. Sci. Tech. 39: 1532-1541.

Li S.-M., J. Tang, H.S. Xue, D. Toom-Sauntry, H. Dryfhout-Clark, and A. Leithead. 2000. Size distribution and estimated optical properties of carbonate, water soluble organic carbon and inorganics in aerosols at a remote site in western China. Geophys. Res. Lett. 27: 1107-1110.

Research facility

4905 Dufferin Street
Toronto, ON M3H 5T4


Air Quality Process Research Division, Atmospheric Science and Technology Directorate, Science and Technology Branch

Adjunct Professor, York University, Canada