Dr. Robin W. Hughes

Image Robin Hughes
Research Scientist, Group Leader of Fluidized Bed Conversion & Gasification

I lead the Fluidized Bed Conversion and Gasification team in developing and evaluating technologies that reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions in industry.

Current research and/or projects

  • Chemical looping combustion and reforming
  • Hydrogen production
  • Zero emissions technology development
  • Bio-energy carbon capture, utilization and storage
  • Partial upgrading of heavy oil
  • Gasification

Research and/or project statements

I lead my team in developing game changing technologies in the power and industrial sectors that eliminate the deleterious effects of greenhouse gases and air contaminants in a manner that ensures a high quality of life for future generations.

Professional activities / interests

  • Process development
  • Reactor design
  • Heat & mass transfer
  • Technology scale-up

Education and awards

  • ​BASc, Chemical Engineering, University of Waterloo, 1998
  • PhD, Chemical Engineering, University of Ottawa, 2010

International experience and/or work

Extensive international collaborations in North America, Europe, and Asia with both universities and industry

Key publications

Oxy-pressurized fluidized bed combustion: configuration and options analysis; RT Symonds, RW Hughes, Margarita de las Obras Loscertales - Applied Energy, 2020

Heat transfer in a pressurized fluidized bed with continuous addition of fines; F Li, E Mielke, RW Hughes, M Fitzsimmons, A Macchi, P Mehrani - Powder Technology, 2019

Economic analysis of pressurized chemical looping combustion for steam assisted gravity drainage applications; A Cabello, RW Hughes, RT Symonds, S Champagne, DY Lu, E Mostavi, N Mahinpey - International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 2019

Systems Analysis of Pressurized Chemical Looping Combustion for SAGD Applications; RT Symonds, RW Hughes, DY Lu, P Navarri, O Ashrafi - International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 2018

Scale-up Challenges and Opportunties for Carbon Capture by Oxy-Fuel Circulating Fluidized Beds; S Seddighi, PT Clough, EJ Anthony, RW Hughes, P Lu - Applied Energy, 2018

Improvement of Oxy-FBC Using Oxygen Carriers: Concept and Combustion Performance; RW Hughes, DY Lu, RT Symonds - Energy & Fuels, 2017

Experimental Assessment, Model Validation, and Uncertainty Quantification of a Pilot-Scale Gasifier; MH Sahraei, MA Duchesne, RW Hughes, LA Ricardez-SAndoval - Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2016


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