Dr. Robert T. Symonds

Research Scientist

Current research and/or projects

My research efforts are focused on the modeling and simulation of advanced conversion technologies for the environmental and economic benefit of Canadians.

Research and/or project statements

  • Pressurized chemical looping combustion and reforming
  • Pressurized oxy-fuel combustion
  • Partial upgrading
  • Crude oil tank car modeling

Professional activities / interests

  • I have collaborated with industry, research organizations, and universities
  • I have supervised graduate and co-op students
  • I am a member of COSIA and NPUP

Education and awards

Ph.D in Chemical Engineering, University of Ottawa, 2017

M.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, University of Ottawa, 2007

B.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering, University of Ottawa, 2005

Key publications

Symonds, R.T., Sun, Z., Lu, D., Hughes, R., Navarri, P., Ashrafi, O.

                            “Ilmenite Ore as an Oxygen Carrier for Chemical Looping Reforming: Characterization and Process Simulation”

                            International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 81, 240-258, 2019

Symonds, R.T., Hughes, R., Lu, D., Navarri, P., Ashrafi, O.

                            “Systems Analysis of Pressurized Chemical Looping Combustion for SAGD Applications

                            International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 73, 111-123, 2018

Varol, M., Symonds, R.T., Anthony, E.J., Lu, D., Jia, L., Tan, Y.

                            “Emissions from Co-firing Lignite and Biomass in an Oxy-fired CFBC”

                            Fuel Processing Technology 173, 126-133, 2018

Hughes, R., Lu, D., Symonds, R.T.

                            “Improvement of Oxy-FBC Using Oxygen Carriers: Concept and Combustion Performance’

                            Energy & Fuels 31 (9), 10101-10115. 2017

Symonds, R.T., Lu, D., Macchi, A., Hughes, R., Anthony, E.J.

                            “Effect of HCl and Steam if Cyclic CO2 Capture Performance in Calcium Looping Systems”

                            Chemical Engineering Science (In Press – Available online August 14, 2017)

Research facility

1 Haanel Drive
Ottawa, ON K1A 1M1