Dr. Rajesh R. Shrestha, P.Eng.

Image Rajesh Shrestha
Research Scientist, Hydro-Climatic Impacts

Current research and/or projects

  • Hydrologic and water quality modelling and assessment of the western Canadian watersheds
  • Impacts of climate variability and change on water quantity and quality
  • Nonstationary extreme value analysis

Professional activities / interests

Adjunct Professor, Department of Geography, University of Victoria

Manuscript Reviewer - Science Advances, Climatic Change, Water Resources Research, Journal of Hydrology, Hydrological Processes, Journal of Hydrometeorology, Journal of Geophysical Research, International Journal of Climatology, Hydrological Sciences Journal, Water Resources Management, River Research and Applications,  Journal of Hydroinformatics, Journal of Flood Risk Assessment, Canadian Water Resources Journal.

Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) - Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientist of British Columbia (APEGBC)

Education and awards

Adjunct Professor, Department of Geography, University of Victoria

NSREC Visiting Fellow, Water and Climate Impacts Research Centre, Environment and Climate Change Canada

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Western Ontario

Ph.D. Water Resources, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Key publications

Shrestha, R.R., B. Bonsal, A. Kayastha, Y. Dibike, C. Spence. 2020. Snowpack response in the Assiniboine-Red River basin associated with projected global warming of 1.0°C to 3.0°C, Journal of Great Lakes Research, doi:10.1016/j.jglr.2020.04.009.

Shrestha, R.R., A.J. Cannon, M.A. Schnorbus, H. Alford. 2019. Climatic controls on future hydrologic changes in the subarctic river basin in Canada, Journal of Hydrometeorology 20(9), 1757-1778, doi:10.1175/JHM-D-18-0262.1.

Shrestha, R.R., T.D. Prowse, L. Tso. 2019, Modelling historical variability of phosphorus and organic carbon fluxes to the Mackenzie River, Canada, Hydrology Research 50(5), 1424-1439, doi:10.2166/nh.2019.161.

Werner, A. T., M. A. Schnorbus, R. R. Shrestha, A. J. Cannon, F. W. Zwiers, G. Dayon, F. Anslow, 2019. A long-term, temporally consistent, gridded daily meteorological dataset for northwest North America, Scientific Data 6, 180299, doi:10.1038/sdata.2018.299.

Shrestha, R.R., A.J. Cannon, M.A. Schnorbus, F.W. Zwiers. 2017. Projecting future nonstationary extreme streamflow for the Fraser River, Canada, Climatic Change 145(3-4), 289-303. doi: 10.1007/s10584-017-2098-6.

Shrestha, R.R., M.A. Schnorbus, D.L. Peters. 2016. Assessment of a hydrologic model’s reliability in simulating flow regime alterations in a changing climate, Hydrological Processes, 30(15) 2628-2643.

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Shrestha, R.R., M.A. Schnorbus, A.T. Werner, F.W. Zwiers, 2014. Evaluating hydro-climatic change signals from statistically and dynamically downscaled GCMs and hydrologic models, Journal of Hydrometeorology 15(2), 844-860.

Shrestha, R.R., K. Osenbrueck, M. Rode, 2013. Assessment of catchment response and calibration of a hydrological model using high-frequency discharge-nitrate concentration data, Hydrology Research 44(6), 995-1012.

Shrestha, R.R., M.A. Schnorbus, A.T. Werner, A.J. Berland, 2012c. Modelling spatial and temporal variability of hydrologic impacts of climate change in the Fraser River basin, British Columbia, Canada, Hydrological Processes 26, 1840-1860.

Shrestha, R.R., Y.B. Dibike, T.P. Prowse, 2012b. Modelling climate change impacts on hydrology and nutrient loading in the Upper Assiniboine Catchment, Journal of American Water Resources Association 48(1), 74-89.

Shrestha, R.R., Y.B. Dibike, T.P. Prowse, 2012. Modelling climate induced hydrologic changes in the Lake Winnipeg Watershed, Journal of Great Lake Research 38, 83-94, .

Dibike, Y.B., T.P. Prowse, R.R. Shrestha, R Ahmed, 2012a. Observed trends and future projections of the hydro-climatic regime of the Lake Winnipeg watershed, Journal of Great Lake Research 38, 72-82.

Prowse, T.P., R.R. Shrestha, B.R. Bansal, Y.B. Dibike, 2010. Changing spring air-temperature gradients on large northern rivers: implications for severity of river-ice floods, Geophysical Research Letters 37, L19706.