Dr. Qing Yu

Research Scientist (Nematode Taxonomist)

Dr. Yu, as a member of invertebrate biodiversity team of the national environmental health program, conducts taxonomic research and provides the resulting expert information on the identity of the nematodes that benefit or pose a threat to Canadian agriculture

Dr. Yu also provides authoritative nematode identifications and advice as part of the National Identification Service (NIS) to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for regulatory issues, and to federal, provincial and foreign agencies and scientists for research, and regulatory compliance purposes.  Dr. Yu also curates and expands the Canadian National Collection of Nematodes (CNC), and develops data on nematode species, their hosts, occurrence and distribution. 

Current research and/or projects

  • •Systematic and phylogeny studies of Ditylenchus, Deladenus, Litylenchus and Heteroderinae by using morphological, morphometric, and molecular data.

    •Develop key and new techniques in collaboration with scientists from CFIA for identification of quarantined nematodes.

    •Provide nematodes identification service required by researches from federal, provincial agents and from universities across the country .

    •Curate Canadian National Collection of Nematodes (CNCN).

Research and/or project statements

1. Provides the resulting expert information on the identity of the nematodes that benefit or pose a threat to Canadian agriculture and its biological resources (Department Priority 2: A competitive agriculture, agri-food and agri-based products sector that proactively manages risks).

2. Addresses regulatory obstacles and promotes regulatory cooperation and modernization both domestically and with key trading partners, fulfilling national obligations and those related to international treaties. 

Professional activities / interests

  • •Biosystematics analysis of nematodes, identification nematodes both by morphological and molecular means;

    •Soil ecology of nematodes fauna, biodiversity analysis of nematodes in soil.

    •Developing and applying bioinformatics tools for nematodes taxnomy, data-basing, and data-mining etc.

Education and awards

Ph.D. Nematology, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, 1992

MSc. Nematology/Phytopatholgy, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, 1989

BSc. Crop Protection, North-west Agriculture University of China, 1984

BSc. Computer Science, Brock University, 2001

Key publications

  1. Yu, Q., de Groot, P., Ye, W., Leal, I., Davis, C., and Foord, B. (2009). "Characterization of Deladenus siricidicola (Tylenchida: Neotylenchidae) associated with Sirex noctilio (Hymenoptera: Siricidae) in Canada.", International Journal of Nematology, 19(1), pp. 23-32.

    2009 - View publication details

  2. Yu, Q. (2009). "Invasive alien nematode pests in Canada: achievements and challenges.", International Congress on Biological Invasions, Fuzhou, China, November 2-6, 2009, pp. 22. (Abstract)

    2009 - View publication details

  3. Yu, Q. and Potter, J.W. (2008). "Selective nematicidal activity of nicotine.", Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment (JFAE), 6(3-4), pp. 428-432.

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  4. Yu, Q. (2008). Species of pratylenchus (nematoda: Pratylenchidae) in Canada: Description, distribution, and identification. Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology, [online] 30(3), 477-485. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/07060660809507545

    2008 - View publication details

  5. Yu, Q., Chiba, M., Tsao, R., and Potter, J.W. (2007). "Elucidation of the nematicidal activity of bran and seed meal of oriental mustard (Brassica juncea) under controlled conditions.", Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment (JFAE), 5(3-4), pp. 374-379.

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  6. Yu, Q., Tsao, R., Chiba, M. (2007). Oriental mustard bran reduces Pratylenchus penetrans on sweet corn, 29(4), 421-426. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/07060660709507488

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  7. Yu, Q., Tsao, R., Chiba, M., and Potter, J.W. (2005). "Selective Nematicidal Activity of Allyl Isothiocyanate.", Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment (JFAE), 3(2), pp. 218-221.

    2005 - View publication details

Research facility

960 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1A 0C6


  • Society of Nematologists (SON).

  • European Society of Nematologists (EPN).

  • Canadian Phytopathologists Society (CPS).



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