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Research Scientist

Encapsulation and delivery of bioactive materials

Current research and/or projects

Food safety is one of the strategic objectives of Guelph Research and Development Centre. Withdrawal of antibiotics from animal feed is likely to increase the risk of bacterial infection in food animals, which may not only reduce production efficiency, but also increase pathogenic bacterial contamination of meat products. Therefore, development of antibiotic alternatives is an important measure of meat product safety. This research team has well-established expertise in developing new technologies for effectively delivering antibiotic alternatives into food animals. Inexpensively and effectively delivering is a critical step in the development of antibiotic alternatives in food animal production. This research team closely works with microbiologists in screening antibacterial components, with animal scientists to test the developed antibacterial products, and with engineers to scale up the developed technology. 

Research and/or project statements

  • On farm trials to validate encapsulated essential oils to control necrotic enteritis in broilers
  • Strategies for detoxifying vomitoxin using chemical and biological approaches in post-weaning piglets
  • Development of novel feed additives to replace antibiotics and promote pig gut health
  • Development and stabilization of bacteriophage-mediated biopesticide for control of fire blight in apple orchards
  • Investigations into synergistic effects of butyrate glycerides with plant extracts for reducing the use of antibiotics in chicken production
  • Enhancing antimicrobial activity of fruit pomace extracts in feed
  • Evaluation of spray drying technologies for probiotics 

Professional activities / interests

  • Physical and chemical characterization of polysaccharides and dietary fibre
  • Encapsulation of bioactive materials for feed applications
  • Development of antibiotic alternatives for food animal production

Education and awards

Ph.D. Biopolymer Science, King's College, University of London, UK

International experience and/or work

Assistant Research Professor, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark

Key publications

  1. An oral presentation to the senior management of two industry clients.

    2021 - View publication details

  2. 2020 ASAS-CSAS-WSASAS Virtual Annual Meeting & Trade Show, Webinar Series, July 28-30.

    2020 - View publication details

  3. 2020 Animal Nutrition Conference of Canada, Webinar Series, May 26-June 11.

    2020 - View publication details

  4. 2019 Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs - FOOD SAFETY RESEARCH FORUM; October 9, Guelph, Ontario, Canada

    2019 - View publication details

  5. 2019 Annual Meeting of Poultry Science Association; July 15-18, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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  6. 2019 ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting and Trade Show; July 8-11, Austin, TX, USA.

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  7. 2018 ASAS-CSAS Annual Meeting & Trade Show; Vancouver, Canada, July 8-12, 2018.

    2018 - View publication details

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  12. 13th International Hydrocolloids Conference, Guelph, Ontario, May 16-20, 2016.

    2016 - View publication details

  13. University of Guelph Swine Research Day; May 4, Guelph, Ontario.

    2016 - View publication details

  14. OFPA 58th Spring Technical Meeting; April 14, Mississauga Convention Centre. Ontario.

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    2015 - View publication details

Research facility

93 Stone Road West
Guelph, ON N1G 5C9


  • Associate Graduate Faculty, Department of Food Science, University of Guelph
  • Associate Graduate Faculty, Wilfrid Laurier University



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