Dr. Philip R. Hill

Director, Geological Survey of Canada Pacific

Director responsible for the Public Safety Geoscience Program

Current research and/or projects

Expertise on marine geohazards including submarine landslides and related processes.

Research and/or project statements

  • Determination of the age and frequency of tsunamigenic slope failure events on submarine slopes using coring and age dating techniques.
  • Monitoring of submarine slides and gravity flows using multibeam sonar and ocean observatory observations.
  • Modeling of shelf stratigraphy on glaciated margins.

Professional activities / interests

  • Adjunct Professor, University of Victoria, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences

Education and awards

B.A. (Hons.) Geology, University of Oxford, 1977

Ph.D. Geology, Dalhousie University, 1981

Key publications

DASHTGARD, S.E., VENDITTI, J.G., HILL, P.R., SISULAK, C.F., JOHNSON, S.M., and LA CROIX, A.D., 2012.  Sedimentation Across the Tidal-Fluvial Transition in the Lower Fraser River, Canada. The Sedimentary Record, 10, 4-9.

AYRANCI, K., LINTERN, D.G., HILL, P.R., and  DASHTGARD, S.E., 2012. Tide-supported gravity flows on the upper delta front, Fraser River delta, Canada.  Marine Geology 326–328, 166–170.

HILL, P.R., 2012.  Changes in submarine channel morphology and strata development from repeat multibeam surveys in the Fraser River delta, western Canada.  In:  Sediments, Morphology and Sedimentary Processes on Continental Shelves. Li, M.Z., Sherwood, C.R. and Hill, P.R. (Eds.), Int. Assoc. Sedimentol. Spec. Publ. 44, 47–70.

HILL, P.R. and MATE, D.J. 2011.  Five Municipal Case Studies on Adapting to Climate Change for Professional Planners / Cinq études de cas sur les moyens d'adaptation au changement climatique à l'intention des urbanistes.  Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 6180; 190 pages, doi:10.4095/289255.

LINTERN, D.G. and HILL, P.R., 2010. An Underwater Laboratory at the Fraser River Delta.  EOS, 91, No.38, 21 September 2010, p. 333–344.

HOUSER, C., and HILL, P. 2010. Wave attenuation across an intertidal sand flat: implications for mudflat development.  Journal of Coastal Research, 26, 403-411.

HOUSER, C., and HILL, P. 2010. Sediment Transport on Roberts Bank: A Sandy Intertidal Flat on the Fraser River Delta.  Journal of Coastal Research, 26, 333-341.

HUGHES CLARKE, J.E., BRUCKER, S., HILL, P., and CONWAY, K., 2009. Monitoring morphological evolution of fjord deltas in temperate and Arctic regions.  International Conference on Seafloor Mapping for Geohazard Assessment – Lerici, Italy May 2009. Rendiconti online della Società Geologica Italiana, 7,.147-150.

CARLE, L. and HILL, P.R., 2009.  Subaqueous dunes of the upper slope of the Fraser River delta (British Columbia, Canada).  Journal of Coastal Research, 25, 448-458.

HILL, P.R.,  CONWAY, K., LINTERN, D.G.,  MEULÉ, S., PICARD, K., and BARRIE, J.V., 2008.  Sedimentary Processes and Sediment Dispersal in the southern Strait of Georgia, BC, Canada.  Marine Environmental Research, 66, S39–S48.

Research facility

9860 W. Saanich Road
Sidney, BC V8L 4B2


  • Geological Association of Canada
  • International Association of Sedimentologists
  • Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM)