Dr. Pengcheng Wang

Research Scientist

Storm Surge Prediction research at Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Education and awards

 Ph.D., Physical Oceanography, Dalhousie University (2018)

Key publications

Wang, P., Bernier, N. B., & Thompson, K. R. (2022). Adding baroclinicity to a global operational model for forecasting total water level: Approach and impact. Ocean Modelling, 102031.

Wang, P., Bernier, N. B., Thompson, K. R., & Kodaira, T. (2021). Evaluation of a global total water level model in the presence of radiational S2 tide. Ocean Modelling168, 101893.

Wang, P., & Sheng, J. (2020). Effects of wave-induced vertical Reynolds stress on upper-ocean momentum transfer over the Scotian Shelf during extreme weather events. Regional Studies in Marine Science33, 100954.

Wang, P., He, Z., Thompson, K. R., & Sheng, J. (2019). Modulation of near-inertial oscillations by low-frequency current variations on the inner scotian shelf. Journal of Physical Oceanography49(2), 329-352.

Wang, P., & Sheng, J. (2018). Tidal modulation of surface gravity waves in the Gulf of Maine. Journal of Physical Oceanography48(10), 2305-2323.

Wang, P., Sheng, J., & Hannah, C. (2017). Assessing the performance of formulations for nonlinear feedback of surface gravity waves on ocean currents over coastal waters. Continental Shelf Research146, 102-117.

Wang, P., & Sheng, J. (2016). A comparative study of wave‐current interactions over the eastern Canadian shelf under severe weather conditions using a coupled wave‐circulation model. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans121(7), 5252-5281.

Research facility

2121, route Transcanadienne
Dorval, QC H9P 1J3