Dr. Pavel Kabanov

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Research scientist

I currently conduct research on the Devonian System of Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, perspectives of underground hydrogen storage and concommittant use of bedrock subsurface  for emerging zero-emission technologies.

Current research and/or projects

NRCan (2023/24):

- Geoscience for New Energy Supplies

- WCSB Atlas 2027

- Marine Conservation Targets

Research and/or project statements

Refinement of knowledge on sedimentary basin fills requires a lot of effort involving multidisciplinary expertise, of which facies analysis, paleontology/biostratigraphy, geochemistry, and well log analysis are just a few to mention. While working at GSC, I make sure the Devonian strata of my project area, located in the Northwest Territories, receive comprehensive upgrade for the benefit of public knowledge and hydrocarbon exploration. These strata also unravel fine details of the Devonian sedimentary systems and global pulsatory expansions of anoxia known as "Devonian anoxic events", which helps to understand ultimate states of global warming as recorded in deep-time sedimentary archives.

Professional activities / interests

Nature puzzles of my long-standing interest:

- Sedimentary rocks (specifically black shales and carbonates), marine and terrestrial signals of the Past imprinted in them;

- Unconformities and paleosols (fossil soils);

- Applications of sedimentary geology to shale hydrocarbon reservoir and GHG sequestration studies;

- Understanding geologically rapid events of the deep Past as expressed in rocks and fossils.

- Continental margins: their evolution and metallogeny

Education and awards

M.Sc. in geology, M.V. Lomonossov Moscow State University, 1994

Ph.D. in geological and mineralogical sciences, M.V. Lomonossov Moscow State University, 2000

International experience and/or work

Academic/industrial career as a sedimentary geologist in Russia (1994-2010)

Key publications

  • Kabanov, P. and Jiang, C., in press. Photic-zone euxinia and anoxic events in a Middle-Late Devonian shelfal sea of Panthalassan continental margin, NW Canada: changing paradigm of Devonian ocean and sea level fluctuations; Global and Planetary Change
  • Kabanov, P., in press. Devonian of the Mackenzie. In: Lavoie, D. and Dewing, K. (Eds.): Sedimentary basins of the Canadian North - Contributions to a 1000 Ma geological journey and insight on resource potential; Geological Survey of Canada, Bulletin 609, paper 7.
  • Kabanov P., Vandenberg R., Pelchat P., Cameron M., and Dewing K., in press. Lithostratigraphy of Devonian basinal mudrocks in frontier areas of northwestern Canada augmented with ED-XRF technique. Arktos
  • Kabanov, P., 2019. Devonian (c. 388-375 my) Horn River Group of Mackenzie Platform (northwestern Canada) is an open-shelf succession recording oceanic anoxic events. Journal of the Geological Society, London. 176, 29-45.
  • Kabanov, P. and Deblonde, C., 2019. Geological and geochemical data from Mackenzie Corridor. Part VIII: Middle-Upper Devonian lithostratigraphy, formation tops, and isopach maps in NTS areas 96 and 106, Northwest Territories and Yukon; Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 8552, 1 .zip file. DOI: 10.4095/314785.
  • Kabanov, P. and Gouwy, S., 2017. The Devonian Horn River Group and the basal Imperial Formation of the central Mackenzie Plain, N.W.T., Canada: Multiproxy stratigraphic framework of a black shale basin. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences. 54, 409–429.
  • Kabanov, P., 2017. Chapter 6. Stratigraphic Unconformities: Review of the Concept and Examples from the Middle-Upper Paleozoic; In: Aiello, G. (ed.): Seismic and Sequence Stratigraphy and Integrated Stratigraphy - New Insights and Contributions. InTech Open, 105-127. DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.70373.
  • Jiang, C., Chen, Z., Lavoie, D., Percival, J.B., and Kabanov, P., 2017. Mineral carbon MinC (%) from Rock-Eval analysis as a reliable and cost-effective measurement of carbonate contents in shale source and reservoir rocks; Marine and Petroleum Geology. 83, 184-194.
  • Alekseeva, T.V., Alekseev, A.O., Gubin, S.V., Kabanov, P.B., and Alekseeva, V.A., 2016. Palaeoenvironments of the Middle–Late Mississippian Moscow Basin (Russia) from multiproxy study of palaeosols and palaeokarsts; Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. 450, 1–16.
  • Kabanov, P.B., Alekseev, A.S., Gibshman, N.B., Gabdullin, R.R., Bershov, A.V., 2015 The upper Viséan - Serpukhovian in the type area for Serpukhovian Stage (Moscow Basin, Russia). Part 1. Sequences, disconformities, and biostratigraphic summary; Geological Journal. 51, 163-194.
  • Baranova, D.V., Kabanov, P.B., and Alekseev, A.S., 2014. Fusulinids (Foraminifera), lithofacies and biofacies of the Upper Moscovian (Carboniferous) of the southern Moscow Basin and Oka-Tsna Swell; Paleontological Journal, v. 48, issue 7, p. 701-849.
  • Kabanov, P.B., 2014. Landry Formation of Kugaluk N-02 well (Devonian, northern mainland NWT): insight into formation’s boundaries, lithofacies, and stratal stacking patterns; Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology. 62, 105-124.
  • Kabanov P., Alekseeva T., Alekseev A., Alekseeva V., and Gubin S., 2010. Paleosols in Late Moscovian (Carboniferous) marine carbonates of East European Craton revealing “Great Calcimagnesian Plain” paleolandscapes. Journal of Sedimentary Research. 80, 195-215.
  • Kabanov, P., Anadon, P.M., and Krumbein, W.E., 2008. Microcodium: an extensive review and a proposed non-rhizogenic biologically induced origin for its formation, Sedimentary Geology. 205, 79-99.

Research facility

3303-33 Street NW
Calgary, AB T2L 2A7


Geological Survey of Canada / Lands and Minerals Sector / Natural Resources Canada (2012 - to date)



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