Dr. Paul G. Fields

Image Paul Fields
Research Scientist

I study the ecology and physiology of insects that infest stored products.

Current research and/or projects

Pests of Peas: This project focuses on the bean weevil, Acanthoscelides obtectus, which is a quarantine pest in India.

Invasive Alien Species: This project is to model insects that are quarantine insects in Canada. We are working at modeling the growth and development of the khapra beetle (Trogoderma granarium) which is a quarantine in Canada.

Research and/or project statements

There are five main areas to his research program: methyl bromide alternatives in flour mills, extreme temperatures, natural products, insect behaviour and biological control. He has examined: heat, cold, diatomaceous earth, sulfuryl fluoride and the combination of heat, phosphine and carbon dioxide to control insects in flour mills. He has done extensive work on the use of low temperature to control stored product insects. Studies on farms in storage facilities during the winter have demonstrated the ability of insects to become acclimatised to low temperatures. He has examined the use of natural products such as neem, pea extracts and diatomaceous earth to control stored-product insects in bulk grain and in food processing facilities. His work on insect behaviour has focussed on trap design and insect repellants. His work on biological control has focussed on the effects of natural products on stored-grain insect parasitoids and the use of Trichogramma to control Indian meal moth in warehouses and retail stores.


Professional activities / interests

Stored Product Entomology Research

Alternatives to the fumigant, methyl bromide

Education and awards

PhD, Biology, Université Laval, 1987

BSc, Biology, McMaster University, 1980

Fellow of Entomological Society of Canada

International experience and/or work

Collaborations with labs in China, Thailand, India, USA and Germany

Key publications

  1. Wilches, D., R.A. Laird, K.D. Floate and P. Fields. 2016. Low and high temperature treatments as alternatives to methyl bromide control of Trogoderma granarium (Coleoptera: Dermestidae). 10th International Conference on Controlled Atmosphere Storage and Fumigation. New Delhi, India, November 7-11. [oral presentation]

    2016 - View publication details

  2. Wilches, D., R.A. Laird, K.D. Floate and P. Fields. 2016. Controlling Trogoderma granarium with extreme temperatures. XXV International Congress of Entomology. Orlando, FL, September 25-30. doi: 10.1603/ICE.2016.91845 [oral presentation]

    2016 - View publication details

  3. Wilches, D.M., Laird, R.A., Floate, K.D., Fields, P.G., 2016. A review of diapause and tolerance to extreme temperatures in dermestids (Coleoptera). Journal of Stored Products Research 68, 50-62.

    2016 - View publication details

  4. Li, Y.Y., Fields, P.G., Pang, B.P., Floate, K.D. (2016). Effects of tetracycline and rifampicin treatments on the fecundity of the Wolbachia-infected host, Tribolium confusum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae), 109(3), 1458-1464. http://dx.doi.org/10.1093/jee/tow067

    2016 - View publication details

  5. Jian, F., Jayas, D.S., Fields, P.G., White, N.D.G. (2015). A new method to rapidly detect rusty grain beetle, Cryptolestes ferrugineus (Stephens), in stored grain, 63 1-5. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jspr.2015.05.004

    2015 - View publication details

  6. Abdelghany, A.Y., Suthisut, D., Fields, P.G. (2015). The effect of diapause and cold acclimation on the cold-hardiness of the warehouse beetle, Trogoderma variabile (Coleoptera: Dermestidae), 147(2), 158-168. http://dx.doi.org/10.4039/tce.2014.45

    2015 - View publication details

  7. Li, Y.Y., Fields, P.G., Pang, B.P., Coghlin, P.C., Floate, K.D. (2015). Prevalence and diversity of Wolbachia bacteria infecting insect pests of stored products, 62 93-100. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jspr.2015.04.009

    2015 - View publication details

  8. Jian, F., Jayas, D.S., White, N.D.G., Fields, P.G., Howe, N. (2015). An evaluation of insect expulsion from wheat samples by microwave treatment for disinfestation, 130 1-12. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.biosystemseng.2014.11.014

    2015 - View publication details

  9. Arlene-Christina, G.D., Jayas, D.S., Fields, P.G., Jian, F., White, N.D.G., Alagusundaram, K. (2014). Movement of Cryptolestes ferrugineus out of wheat kernels and their mortalities under elevated temperatures, 59 292-298. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jspr.2014.09.003

    2014 - View publication details

  10. Clark, E.L., Isitt, R., Plettner, E., Fields, P.G., Huber, D.P.W. (2014). An inexpensive feeding bioassay technique for stored-product insects, 107(1), 455-461. http://dx.doi.org/10.1603/EC13283

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Entomological Society of Canada, since 1981 (served on Executive Committee from 1991-1994, President 2008-09)

Entomological Society of Manitoba, since 1988 (served on Executive Committee from 1989-1994, President 2002)