Dr. Oleg Saenko

Image Oleg Saenko
Research Scientist

Physical oceanography and climate

Current research and/or projects

Ocean circulation and climate: observations, theories and models

  • Ocean-atmosphere interaction
  • Large-scale ocean circulation
  • Ocean heat uptake processes
  • Climate variability and change

Professional activities / interests

Editor, Journal of Climate, American Meteorological Society (2015-2021)

Co-Chair, Flux-Anomaly-Forced Model Intercomparison Project (FAFMIP), World Climate Research Programme (2016-2021)

Education and awards

Editor's Award, Journal of Climate, American Meteorological Society (2010)

Ph.D., Marine Hydrophysical Institute, Sevastopol, Ukraine (1992)

M.Sc., Odessa Hydrometeorological Institute, Ukraine (1989)

School #3, Novyi Rozdil, Lviv Oblast, Ukraine (1982) 

Key publications

Saenko, O.A., J.M. Gregory, S.M. Griffies, M.P. Couldrey and F.B. Dias. 2021. Contribution of ocean physics and dynamics at different scales to heat uptake in low-resolution AOGCMs. Journal of Climate. 34: 2017–2035. https://doi.org/10.1175/JCLI-D-20-0652.1

Sigmond, M., J.C. Fyfe, O.A. Saenko and N.C. Swart. 2020. Ongoing AMOC and related sea-level and temperature changes after achieving the Paris targets. Nature Climate Change. 10: 672–677. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41558-020-0786-0.

Tandon, N.F., O.A. Saenko, M.A. Cane and P.J. Kushner. 2020. Interannual variability of the global meridional overturning circulation dominated by Pacific variability. Journal of Physical Oceanography. 50: 559-574.

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Saenko, O.A., D. Yang and P.G. Myers. 2017. Response of the North Atlantic dynamic sea level and circulation to Greenland meltwater and climate change in an eddy-permitting ocean model. Climate Dynamics. doi: 10.1007/s00382-016-3495-7.

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Spence, P. O.A. Saenko, W. Sijp and M. England. 2012. The role of bottom pressure torques on the interior pathways of North Atlantic Deep Water. Journal of Physical Oceanography. 42: 110-125.

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Saenko, O.A. 2006. Influence of global warming on baroclinic Rossby radius in the ocean: A model intercomparison. Journal of Climate. 19: 1354–1360.

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Research facility

3800 Finnerty Rd
Victoria, BC V8W 3R4


Adjunct Professor, University of Victoria, School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, Victoria, Canada