Dr. Mitchell T. Bonney

Image Mitchell T. Bonney
Remote Sensing Physical Scientist

I use remote sensing (e.g., satellite images) to monitor and better understand Canada's environment, including changes through time. 

Current research and/or projects

I leverage time-series of satellite imagery to monitor landscape dynamics and change (e.g., vegetation change, disturbances, change detection, snow dynamics) in support of NRCan’s Cumulative Effects mandate.

Research and/or project statements

My current research projects focus on better understanding climate change and related permafrost dynamics across the Hudson Bay Lowlands (HBL), including:

  • Quantifying local snow dynamics (e.g., snow melt/fall dates, length of snow season, proxies of snow depth)
  • Systematically identifying the location of palsas and other permafrost landforms
  • Building a thematically dense wetland/landcover product that outperforms current national products

I also focus on collaboration and knowledge sharing within NRCan/CCMEO and with local partners (e.g., Mushkegowuk Council), including:

  • Documenting relevant spatial datasets that may support internal HBL research and be useful to local partners
  • Building shareable spatial data access and processing pipelines using open-source Python tools

Education and awards


Ph.D Physical Geography (Remote Sensing) – University of Toronto (2022)

M.Sc. Physical Geography (Remote Sensing) – Queen's University (2017)

B.A. (Hons.) Environmental Geography – University of Toronto (2015)



Teaching Assistant Award – University of Toronto (2021)

Graduate Student Leadership Award – University of Toronto (2019)

National Best Master’s Thesis Award – Canadian Remote Sensing Society (2017)


Key publications

My up-to-date publication list can be found on Google Scholar.