Dr. Maurice Lamontagne

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Research on Earthquakes

Current research and/or projects

Maurice Lamontagne studies earthquakes in Canada. By better identifying risk zones and the effects of earthquakes, his research is helping to reduce the hazard posed by such events in Canada.

Research and/or project statements

Canadian earthquakes

Connections between earthquakes and faults in the Canadian Shield

Reservoir-triggered earthquakes

Psycho-social impacts of earthquakes

Education and awards

B.Sc.A. (Geological Engineering), Université Laval, 1982.

Graduate Diploma in Geophysics, McGill University, 1983.

M.Sc. in Geophysics, U.W.O, 1985.

Ph.D. in Earth Sciences, Carleton University, 1999.

Key publications

  1. 2015. Bent, A.L.; Lamontagne, M.; Peci, V.; Halchuk, S.; Brooks, G.R.; Motazedian, D.; Hunter, J.A.; Adams, J.; Woodgold, C.; Drysdale, J.; Hayek, S.; Edwards, W.N. The 17 May 2013 M 4.6 Ladysmith, Quebec, Earthquake. Seismological Research Letters, 86: 0 – 17.

  2. 2015. Bird, A., Lamontagne, M. Impacts of the October 2012 Magnitude 7.8 Earthquake near Haida Gwaii, Canada, Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 105: 1178-1192,, doi: 10.1785/0120140167.

  3. 2015. Lamontagne, M., Lavoie, D., Ma, S., Burke, K.B.S., and I. Bastow.Monitoring the earthquake activity in an area with shale gas potential in southeastern New Brunswick. Seismological Research Letters 86: 1068-1077

  4. 2015. Bird, A.L., Cassidy, J.F., Kao, H., Leonard, L.J., Allen, T.I., Nykolaishen, L., Dragert, H., Hobbs, T.E., Farahbod, A.M., Bednarski, J.M., James, T.S., Lamontagne, M., Shan, S.-J., Hyndman, R.D., Fine, I.V., Cherniawsky, J.Y., Brillon, C.D., Wang, K. and Rogers, G.C. (2015). The October 2012 Magnitude (MW) 7.8 Earthquake offshore Haida Gwaii, Canada, Summary of the Bulletin of the International Seismological Centre.

  5. 2016    Lamontagne, M., Flynn, B.  Perception of earthquake hazard and risk in an intraplate region and development of a long-term awareness strategy, Submitted to the eastern Section of the Seismological Research Letters; 87: 1426-1432.

Research facility

601 Booth St.
Ottawa, ON K1A 0G1