Dr. Martin Charron

Research Manager - Atmospheric Numerical Prediction Research Section

Current research and/or projects

Research in numerical weather prediction from the local to the global scale, and for time scales ranging from minutes to seasons

  • Research on the use of stratospheric and mesospheric models for medium range weather forecasting
  • Research on global probabilistic (ensemble methods) medium and long range weather forecasting
  • Research on regional probabilistic (ensemble methods) short range weather forecasting
  • Research on ensemble methods for data assimilation at the regional scale
  • Research on parameterization of gravity waves and their tropospheric sources

Professional activities / interests

Supervision of a post-doctoral fellow in regional ensemble forecasting

Member of the Scientific Steering Committee for the Beijing 2008 Research and Development Project (B08RDP) on regional ensemble forecasting and member of the TIGGE-LAM expert panel

Education and awards

Ph.D. Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, McGill University, 1998

M.Sc. Particle Physics, University of Montréal, 1993

B.Sc. Physics, University of Montréal, 1991

Key publications

Li, X., M. Charron, L. Spacek and G. Candille. 2007. A regional ensemble prediction system based on moist targeted singular vectors ans stochastic parameter perturbations. Monthly Weather Review. (In press).

Buehner, M. and M. Charron. 2007. Spectral and spatial localization of background-error correlations for data assimilation. Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society. 133:615-630.

Charron, M., P.L. Houtekamer and P. Bartello. 2006. Assimilation with an ensemble Kalman filter of synthetic radial wind data in anisotropic turbulence: Perfect model experiments. Monthly Weather Review. 134:618-637.

Schmidt, H., G. P. Brasseur, M. Charron, E. Manzini, M. A. Giorgetta, T. Diehl, V. I. Fomichev, D. Kinnison, D. Marsh and S. Walters. 2006. The HAMMONIA chemistry climate model: Sensitivity of the mesopause region to the 11-year solar cycle and CO2 doubling. Journal of Climate. 19:3903-3931.

Houtekamer, P.L., H. L. Mitchell, G. Pellerin, M. Buehner, M. Charron, L. Spacek and B. Hansen. 2005. Atmospheric data assimilation with an ensemble Kalman filter: Results with real observations. Monthly Weather Review. 133:604-620.

Charron, M. and E. Manzini. 2002. Gravity waves from fronts: Parameterization and middle atmosphere response in a general circulation model. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. 59:923-941.